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Pole Position entry date: Aug 2, 2002 POLE POSITON original airdates: Sept 15, 1984-Aug 30, 1986 on CBS later airdates: 1989-1991 on the Family Channel episodes: 13 animated by: DiC distributed and owned by: The Program Exchange, DiC and Namco EPISODE GUIDE #01 The Code (09.15.1984) #02 The Canine Vanishes (09.22.1984) #03 The Chicken Who Knew Too Much (09.29.1984) #04 Strangers On The Ice (10.09.1984) #05 The Race (10.13.1984) #06 The Thirty-Nine Stripes (10.20.1984) #07 The Thirty-One Cent Mystery (10.27.1984) #08 Dial M For Magic (11.03.1984) #09 The Bear Affair (11.10.1984) #10 To Clutch A Thief (11.17.1984) #11 The Secret (11.24.1984) #12 Shadow of A Trout (12.01.1984) #13 The Trouble With Kuma (12.08.1984)
VOICE ACTORS Jack Angel as Dr. Zachary Darrett David Coburn as Dan Darrett Melvin Franklin (died in 1995) as Wheels Darryl Hickman as Roadie Kaleena Kiff as Daisy Darrett Lisa Lindgren as Tess Darrett Marilyn Schreffler as Kuma
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