The Adventures of the Little Prince entry date: May 26, 2009
THE ADVENTURES OF THE LITTLE PRINCE original Japan airdates: July 4, 1978-Mar 27, 1979 on TV Asahi original US airdates: 1982-1985 in syndication (select markets), Oct 1985-Aug 11, 1989 on Nickelodeon episodes: 39 animated by: Jambre Productions distributed by: Gallerie International Films and Studio NAC (Knack Productions in Japan) SUMMARY: Based on the French book by Antonie de Saint-Exuperty, this animated series was made in Japan for French audiences in 1978 and aired in the US on an early Nickelodeon. The Little Prince lived on the small planetoid B-612 and catched comets in his net to travel to other worlds. The Little Prince lived with his Rose Girl and space bird, Swiftee EPISODE GUIDE (INCOMPLETE! IF YOU KNOW THE OTHER EPISODE TITLES, LET ME KNOW! cartoonresource@mail.com)
#01 The Wolf Pack #02 Visit To Another Planet #03 Higher Than Eagles Fly! #04 The Chimney Sweep #05 A Small Alien #06 The Last Voyage of the Rose #07 On the Wings of Love #08 Rob the Rainbow #09 Shipwreck! #10 The Perfect Plane #11 The Stargazer #12 A Light In the Storm #13 A Wishing Stone #14 Erase All Beauty #15 Play It Again, Sean! #16 For the Love of Animals #17 The Dancing Bear #18 Somewhere in Space #19 The Greatest Gift #20 Too Big For This World! #21 The Winning Ride #22 To Be a Man #23 The Magic Case #24 Always Listen To a Fox #25 Hitch Onto Halley's Comet #26 What Makes Mitzi Mean? #27 A Different World VOICE ACTORS Julie McWhirter Dees as Little Prince Katie Leigh as Little Prince (2nd voice) Hal Smith as Swiftee
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