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THE BERENSTAIN BEARS SHOW original airdates: Sept 14, 1985-Sept 5, 1987 on CBS later airdates: Sept 7, 2003-present in Syndication episodes: 26 animated by: Southern Star distributed and owned by: DiC "The Berenstain Bears" is currently in syndication on the DiC Kids Network block. Check local listings. 1st Season (1985-1986) #01 Go Fly A Kite/The Trojan Pumpkin (09.14.1985) #02 The Spooky Old Mansion/The Fly-Away Pizza (09.21.1985) #03 The Giant Bat Cave/The Wild Wild Honey (09.28.1985) #04 The Neighborly Skunk/The Missing Pumpkin (10.5.1985) #05 Too Much Birthday/To The Rescue (10.12.1985) #06 The Soccer Star/Shoot The Rapids (10.19.1985) #07 A Knight To Remember/The Superduper Bowl (10.26.1985) #08 The Not So Burried Treasure/Condemned Backscratcher (11.02.1985) #09 King For A Day/Blaze A Trail (11.09.1985) #10 No Girls Allowed/The Missing Dinosaur Bone (11.16.1985) #11 The Spookiest Pumpkin/The Dancing Bees (11.23.1985) #12 Learn About Strangers/The Disappearing Honey (11.30.1985) #13 In The Dark/Ring The Bell (12.07.1985) 2nd Season (1986-1987) #14 Messy Room/The Terrible Termite (09.13.1986) #15 Forget Their Manners/The Wicked Weasel Spell (09.20.1986) #16 The Truth/Save The Bees (09.27.1986) #17 Get In A Fight/The Big Paw Problem (10.4.1986) #18 Get Stage Fright/Go Bonkers Over Honkers (10.11.1986) #19 The Great Honey Pipeline/The Great Grizzly Comet (10.18.1986) #20 The Sun-Fire Bait/The Cat's Meow (10.25.1986) #21 The Trouble With Friends/The Coughing Cat Fish (11.01.1986) #22 The Substitute Teacher/The Mansion Mystey (11.08.1986) #23 Bust A Ghost/The Ice Monster (11.15.1986) #24 The Crystal Ball Caper/The Raid On Fort Grizzly (11.22.1986) #25 The Forbidden Cave/The Hot Air Election (11.29.1986) #26 Life With Papa/Save The Farm (12.06.1986) TV Specials The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree (12.03.1979) The Berenstain Bears Easter Surprise (1981) The Berenstain Bears Meet Big Paw (1981) The Berenstain Bears Play Ball (1981) The Berenstain Bears and Cupid's Surprise (1982) VOICES Ruth Buzzi as Mama Bear & Grizzly Gran Brian Cummings as Papa Q. Bear, Mayor Honeypot, Big Paw and Others Christina Lange as Sister Bear David Mendenhall as Brother Bear Ron Pardo as Additional Voices Josh Rodine as Cousin Freddy Frank Welker as Ralph THE BERENSTAIN BEARS & SEVEN LITTLE MONSTERS original airdates: January 2003-present on PBS
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