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BETTY BOOP original release dates: Aug 9, 1930-Aug 11, 1939 number of cartoon shorts appeared in: 115 animated by: Fleischer Studios distributed and owned by: Paramount (from 1930-1955), U.M. & M. TV Corp (1955-1956), National Telefilm Assoication (1956-1980s) Republic Pictures/Viacom (current onwers); Kings Features Syndicate owns the character rights abbreviations: BB=Betty Boop Cartoon CC=Color Classic FLR=Flesicher SS=Screen Song TT=Talkartoon FILMOGRAPHY (FLR#=Fleischer Studios number) #001 FLR-033 TT Dizzy Dishes (08.09.1930) w/ Bimbo and Betty Boop prototype #002 FLR-035 TT Barnacle Bill (08.31.1930) w/ Bimbo, Betty Boop prototype called Nancy Lee #003 FLR-046 TT Mysterious Mose (12.26.1930) w/ Bimbo #004 FLR-056 TT The Bum Bandit (04.13.1931) w/ Bimbo #005 FLR-061 TT Silly Scandals (05.23.1931) w/ Bimbo, first time Betty is named #006 FLR-066 TT Bimbo's Initiation (07.24.1931) w/ Bimbo #007 FLR-067 SS Betty Co-Ed (08.01.1931) #008 FLR-068 TT Bimbo's Express (08.22.1931) w/ Bimbo #009 FLR-071 TT Minding the Baby (09.26.1931) w/ Bimbo #010 FLR-075 TT Mask-A-Raid (11.07.1931) w/ Bimbo #011 FLR-077 TT Jack and the Beanstalk (11.21.1931) w/ Bimbo #012 FLR-079 TT Dizzy Red Riding Hood (12.12.1931) w/ Bimbo #013 FLR-081 TT Any Rags (01.02.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #014 FLR-083 TT Boop-Oop-A-Doop (01.16.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #015 FLR-085 TT The Robot (02.05.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #016 FLR-088 TT Minnie the Moocher (03.11.1932) w/ Bimbo, KoKo the Clown and Cab Calloway #017 FLR-089 TT Swim Or Sink (03.11.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #018 FLR-090 TT Crazy Town (03.25.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #019 FLR-092 TT The Dancing Fool (04.08.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #020 FLR-094 TT (Betty Boop in) Chess-Nuts (04.13.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #021 FLR-095 TT A Hunting We Will Go (04.29.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #022 FLR-098 TT Hide and Seek (05.26.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #023 FLR-099 TT Admission Free (07.10.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #024 FLR-101 TT The Betty Boop Limited (07.01.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #025 FLR-103 SS Rudy Vallee Melodies (08.05.1932) #026 FLR-104 BB Stopping the Show (08.12.1932) #027 FLR-105 BB Betty Boop's Bizzy Bee (08.19.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #028 FLR-107 BB Betty Boop, M.D. (09.02.1932) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #029 FLR-109 BB Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle (09.23.1932) w/ Bimbo #030 FLR-111 BB Betty Boop's Ups and Downs (10.14.1932) #031 FLR-113 BB Betty Boop For President (11.04.1932) first Grampy #032 FLR-115 BB I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You (11.25.1932) w/ Bimbo, KoKo the Clown and Louis Armstrong #033 FLR-117 BB Betty Boop's Museum (12.16.1932) #034 FLR-119 BB Betty Boop's Ker-Choo (01.06.1933) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #035 FLR-121 BB Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions (01.27.1933) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #036 FLR-123 BB (Betty Boop in) Is My Palm Read (02.17.1933) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #037 FLR-125 BB Betty Boop's Penthouse (03.10.1933) #038 FLR-127 BB (Betty Boop in) Snow-White (03.31.1933) w/ Bimbo, KoKo the Clown and Cab Calloway #039 FLR-129 BB Betty Boop's Birthday Party (04.21.1933) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #040 FLR-131 BB Betty Boop's May Party (05.12.1933) w/ Bimbo and KoKo the Clown #041 FLR-133 BB Betty Boop's Big Boss (06.02.1933) #042 FLR-135 BB Mother Goose Land (06.23.1933) #043 FLR-137 BB Popeye the Sailor (06.14.1933) first Popeye, Bluto and Olive Oyl, Betty Boop has only a small role #044 FLR-139 BB The Old Man of the Mountain (08.04.1933) w/ Cab Calloway #045 FLR-141 BB I Heard (09.01.1933) w/ Bimbo #046 FLR-145 BB Morning, Noon and Night (10.06.1933) w/ Rubinoff #047 FLR-147 BB Betty Boop's Halloween Party (11.03.1933) #048 FLR-150 BB (Betty Boop in) Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (12.01.1933) w/ Rubinoff #049 FLR-154 BB (Betty Boop in) She Wronged Him Right (01.05.1934) w/ Fearless Fred #050 FLR-157 BB Red Hot Mama (02.02.1934) #051 FLR-160 BB Ha! Ha! Ha! (03.02.1934) w/ KoKo the Clown #052 FLR-163 BB Betty In Blunderland (04.06.1934) #053 FLR-166 BB Betty Boop's Rise To Fame (05.18.1934) #054 FLR-169 BB Betty Boop's Trial (06.15.1934) #055 FLR-172 BB Betty Boop's Lifeguard (07.13.1934) #056 FLR-175 CC Poor Cinderella (08.03.1934) first and only color Betty Boop cartoon, first color Fleischer cartoon w/ Rudy Vallee #057 FLR-176 BB There's Something About a Soldier (08.17.1934) #058 FLR-178 BB Betty Boop's Little Pal (09.21.1934) first Pudgy #059 FLR-180 BB Betty Boop's Prize Show (10.19.1934) #060 FLR-183 BB Keep In Style (11.16.1934) #061 FLR-185 BB When My Ship Comes In (12.21.1934) #062 FLR-188 BB Baby Be Good (01.18.1935) #063 FLR-190 BB Taking the Blame (02.15.1935) w/ Pudgy #064 FLR-193 BB (Betty Boop in) Stop That Noise (03.15.1935) #065 FLR-195 BB (Betty Boop in) Swat the Fly (04.19.1935) w/ Pudgy #066 FLR-198 BB (Betty Boop in) No! No! A Thousand Times No!! (05.24.1935) w/ Fearless Fred #067 FLR-200 BB (Betty Boop in) A Little Soap and Water (06.21.1935) w/ Pudgy #068 FLR-203 BB A Language All My Own (07.19.1935) #069 FLR-205 BB Betty Boop and Grampy (08.16.1935) w/ Grampy #070 FLR-209 BB Judge For a Day (09.20.1935) #071 FLR-211 BB Making Stars (10.18.1935) #072 FLR-215 BB Betty Boop With Henry the Funniest Living American (12.22.1935) #073 FLR-220 BB (Betty Boop and Pudgy in) Little Nobody (01.27.1936) w/ Pudgy #074 FLR-221 BB Betty Boop and the Little King (01.31.1936) w/ the Little King #075 FLR-223 BB (Betty Boop and Pudgy in) Not Now (02.28.1936) w/ Pudgy #076 FLR-226 BB Betty Boop and Little Jimmy (03.27.1936) #077 FLR-229 BB We Did It (04.24.1936) w/ Pudgy #078 FLR-233 BB A Song For a Day (05.22.1936) w/ Grampy #079 FLR-235 BB (Pudgy in) More Pep (06.19.1936) w/ Pudgy #080 FLR-238 BB You're Not Built That Way (07.17.1936) w/ Pudgy #081 FLR-241 BB (Pudgy in) Happy You and Merry Me (08.21.1936) w/ Pudgy #082 FLR-244 BB Training Pigeons (09.18.1936) w/ Pudgy #083 FLR-248 BB Grampy's Indoor Outing (10.16.1936) w/ Grampy #084 FLR-250 BB (Grampy in) Be Human (11.20.1936) w/ Grampy #085 FLR-255 BB Making Friends (12.18.1936) w/ Pudgy #086 FLR-257 BB (Grampy in) House Cleaning Blues (01.15.1937) w/ Grampy #087 FLR-260 BB Whoops! I'm a Cowboy (02.12.1937) w/ Wiffle Piffle #088 FLR-263 BB The Hot Air Salesman (03.12.1937) #089 FLR-266 BB Pudgy Takes a Bow-Wow (04.09.1937) w/ Pudgy #090 FLR-269 BB Pudgy Picks a Fight (05.14.1937) w/ Pudgy #091 FLR-272 BB (Grampy with) The Impractical Joker (06.18.1937) w/ Grampy #092 FLR-276 BB Ding Dong Doggie (07.23.1937) w/ Pudgy #093 FLR-280 BB The Candid Candidate (08.27.1937) w/ Grampy #094 FLR-282 BB Service With a Smile (09.23.1937) #095 FLR-285 BB The New Deal Show (10.22.1937) #096 FLR-288 BB The Foxy Hunter (11.26.1937) #097 FLR-292 BB Zula Hula (12.24.1937) #098 FLR-295 BB Riding the Rails (01.28.1938) w/ Pudgy #099 FLR-298 BB Be Up To Date (02.25.1938) #100 FLR-301 BB Honest Love and True (03.25.1938) #101 FLR-303 BB Out of the Inkwell (04.22.1938) w/ KoKo the Clown #102 FLR-306 BB Swing School (05.27.1938) w/ Pudgy #103 FLR-311 BB Pudgy and the Lost Kitten (06.24.1938) w/ Pudgy #104 FLR-313 BB Buzzy Boop (07.29.1938) #105 FLR-315 BB Pudgy the Watchman (08.12.1938) #106 FLR-318 BB Buzzy Boop At the Concert (09.16.1938) #107 FLR-320 BB Sally Swing (10.14.1938) #108 FLR-324 BB On With the New (12.02.1938) #109 FLR-325 BB Pudgy In Thrills and Chills (12.23.1938) w/ Pudgy #110 FLR-328 BB (Featuring Pudgy) My Friend the Monkey (01.27.1939) w/ Pudgy #111 FLR-330 BB So Does An Automobile (03.31.1939) #112 FLR-334 BB Musical Mountaineers (05.12.1939) #113 FLR-336 BB (Featuring Pudgy) The Scared Crows (06.09.1939) w/ Pudgy #114 FLR-339 BB Rhythm On the Reservation (07.07.1939) #115 FLR-342 BB Yip, Yip, Yippy (08.11.1939) Betty Boop is not featured even though it is titled as a Betty Boop Cartoon VOICE ACTORS Mae Questal as Betty Boop (died in 1998)
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