Blackstar entry date: July 2, 2002 BLACKSTAR original airdates: Sept 12, 1981-Sept 11, 1982 on CBS episodes: 13 animated by: Filmation Associates distributed and owned by: Entertainment Rights and Galoob Toys, Inc. EPISODE GUIDE #62001 City of the Ancient Ones #62002 Search for the Starsword (first scripted episode) #62003 The Lord of Time #62004 The Mermaid of the Serpent Sea #62005 The Quest #62006 Spacewrecked #62007 Lightning City of the Clouds #62008 Kingdom of Neptul #62009 Tree of Evil #62010 The Air Whales of Anchar #62011 The Overlord's Big Spell #62012 The Crown of the Sorceress #62013 The Zombie Masters VOICE ACTORS George DiCenzo as Blackstar Linda Gary as Mara Alan Oppenheimer as Carpo and the Overlord Pat Pinney as Balker, Klone and Terra Frank Welker as Burble, Gossamear and Rif
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