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CAPTAIN N, THE GAME MASTER AIRED IN THESE FORMATS: CAPTAIN N, THE GAME MASTER original airdates: Sept 9, 1989-July 25, 1992 on NBC later airdates: early 1990s all in syndication, on WGN and on the Family Channel episodes: 27 half-hour episodes, 7 short episodes animated by: all DiC distributed and owned by: The Program Exchange, Nintendo of America, Inc. and DiC
EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1989-1990) #01 Kevin In Videoland (09.09.1989) #02 How's Bayou (09.16.1989) #03 The Most Dangerous Game Master (09.23.1989) #04 Videolympics (09.30.1989) #05 Mega Trouble For Megaland (10.07.1989) #06 Wishful Thinking (10.14.1989) #07 Three Men and a Dragon (10.21.1989) #08 Mr. & Mrs. Mother Brain (10.28.1989) #09 Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street (11.04.1989) #10 Simon the Ape-Man (11.11.1989) #11 In Search of the King (11.18.1989) #12 Metroid Sweet Metroid (11.25.1989) #13 Happy Birthday, Mega Man (12.02.1989)
CAPTAIN N AND THE ADVENTURES OF SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 format: one 30 minute Captain N episode sandwiched between two ten minute Super Mario Bros. 3 shorts for an hour long show, later edited into two 30 minute shows for syndicaiton. 2nd Season (1990-1991) #14 Gameboy (09.08.1990) #15 Queen of the Apes (09.22.1990) #16 Quest For the Potion of Power (09.29.1990) #17 The Trouble With Tetris (10.13.1990) #18 The Big Game (10.20.1990) #19 The Lost City of Kongoland (11.10.1990) #20 Once Upon a Time Machine (11.17.1990) #21 The Feud of Faxanadu (11.24.1990) #22 Having A Ball (12.01.1990) #23 The Trojan Dragon (12.08.1990) #24 I Wish I Was a Wombatman (12.15.1990) #25 The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers (12.22.1990) #26 Germ Wars (12.29.1990) #27 When Mother Brain Rules (01.05.1991)
CAPTAIN N AND THE NEW SUPER MARIO WORLD original airdates: Sept 14, 1991-July 25, 1992 on NBC later airdates: 1992-1994 on the Family Channel episodes: 13 format: 30 minutes with one ten minute Captain N short followed by a Super Mario World short. Only seven Captain N shorts were made and thirteen Super Mario World ones. 3rd Season (1991-1992) key= CN=Captain N SMW=Super Mario World #01 CN: Misadventures In Robin Hood Woods/SMW: Fire Sale (09.14.1991) #02 CN: Pursuit of the Magic Hoop/SMW: The Wheel Thing (09.21.1991) #03 CN: Return to Castlevania/SMW: Send In the Clown (09.28.1991) #04 CN: Totally Tetrisized/SMW: Ghosts 'R' Us (10.05.1991) #05 CN: A Tale of Two Dogs/SMW: King Scoopa Koopa (10.12.1991) #06 CN: Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls/SMW: The Night Before Cave Christmas (10.19.1991) #07 CN: The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N/SMW: Born To Ride (10.26.1991) other Super Mario World shorts #08 Party Line (11.02.1991) #09 Gopher Bash (11.09.1991) #10 Rock TV (11.16.1991) #11 The Yoshi Shuffle (11.23.1991) #12 A Little Learning (11.30.1991) #13 Mama Luigi (12.07.1991)
VOICE ACTORS Gary Chalk as King Hippo Ian James Corlett as Dr. Wily Michael Donovan III as Eggplant Wizard Matt Hill as Kevin Keene/Captain N and the Narrator Alessandro Juliani as Kid Icarus Andrew Kavadas as Simon Belmont Doug Parker as Mega Man and Megamite Levi Stubbs as Mother Brain Venus Terzo as Princess Lana Frank Welker as Gameboy Tomm Wright as Duke
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