DRAGON'S LAIR entry date: Jan 4, 2004 DRAGON'S LAIR original airdates: Sept 8, 1984-Apr 27, 1985 on ABC later airdates: 1989-1992 on USA Network, June 30, 2002-present on Boomerang episodes: 13 animated by: Ruby-Spears Enterprises distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Cinematronics EPISODE GUIDE #8401 The Tale of the Enchanted Gift #8402 Sir Timothy’s Quest #8403 The Tournament of the Phantom Knight #8404 The Smithee’s Haunted Armor #8405 The Pool of Youth #8406 The Story Of Old Alf #8407 Song of the Wind Chimes #8408 The Gift From Crow’s Wood #8409 Mirror, Mirror #8410 Snow Witch #8411 The Tale of Dirk’s New Sword #8412 The Legend of the Giant’s Name #8413 The Mist of Wishes VOICE ACTORS Arthur Burghardt as Cinge Peter Cullen as Bertram Ellen Gerstell as Princess Daphne Michael Mish as Timothy Clive Revill as storyteller Bob Sarlatte as Dirk Daring Fred Travalena as King Ethelred
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Arcade Classics: Dragon's Lair
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