Droopy entry date: Jan 3, 2009 original airdates in theaters: Mar 20. 1943-July 4, 1958 episodic shorts: 24 animated by: produced by MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer) distributed and owned by: Warner Bros./Turner Entertainment FILMOGRAPHY (MGM# Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer number): #01 MGM-107 Dumb-Hounded (03.20.1943) #02 MGM-134 The Shooting of Dan McGoo (03.03.1945) #03 MGM-141 Wild and Woolfy (11.03.1945) #04 MGM-148 Northwest Hounded Police (08.03.1946) #05 MGM-179 Senor Droopy (04.09.1949) #06 MGM-185 Wags To Riches (08.13.1949) #07 MGM-190 Outfoxed (11.05.1949) #08 MGM-203 The Chump Champ (11.04.1950) #09 MGM-209 Dare-Devil Droopy (03.31.1951) #10 MGM-211 Droopy's Good Deed (05.05.1951) #11 MGM-218 Droopy's Double Trouble (11.17.1951) #12 MGM-231 Caballero Droopy (09.27.1952) #13 MGM-250 The Three Little Pups (12.26.1953) #14 MGM-253 Drag-A-Long Droopy (02.20.1954) #15 MGM-259 Homesteader Droopy (07.10.1954) #16 MGM-268 Dixieland Droopy (12.04.1954) #17 MGM-278 Deputy Droopy (10.28.1955) #18 MGM-287 Millionaire Droopy (09.21.1956) #19 MGM-295 Grin and Share It (05.17.1957) #20 MGM-299 Blackboard Jumble (10.04.1957) #21 MGM-301 One Droopy Knight (12.06.1957) (nominated for an Academy Award) #22 MGM-303 Sheep Wrecked (02.07.1958) #23 MGM-305 Mutts About Racing (04.04.1958) #24 MGM-308 Droopy Leprechaun (07.04.1958) VOICE ACTORS Bill Thompson as Droopy (1st voice) Daws Butler (2nd voice)
DROOPY AIRED IN THESE TELEVISION SERIES: THE TOM AND JERRY COMEDY SHOW original airdates: Sept 6, 1980-Sept 4, 1982 on CBS later airdates: portions of the series ran from 1997-1998 on Cartoon Network, Apr 2, 2001- present on Boomerang episodes: ? animated by: Filmation format: two Tom and Jerry cartoons and one Droopy cartoon EPISODE GUIDE A Day At the Bakery Disco Droopy Droopyęs Good Luck Charm Droopyęs Restless Night Foreign Legion Droopy Getting the Foot The Great Diamond Heist The Great Train Rubbery The Incredible Droop Lumber Jerks Matterhorn Droopy Old Mother Hubbard Pest In the West Scared Bear Star-Crossed Wolf VOICE ACTORS Lou Scheimer as Slick the Wolf Frank Welker as Droopy
TOM AND JERRY KIDS SHOW original airdates: Sept 8, 1990-Oct 2, 1993 on FOX later airdates: 1993-1996 on TBS Superstation, 1996-1999? on Cartoon Network, Apr 2, 2001- present on Boomerang episodes: 67 distributed and owned by: Warner Bros./Turner Entertainment see Tom and Jerry entry for episode guide.
DROOPY, MASTER DETECTIVE original airdates: Jan 1993-Aug 1994 on FOX episodes: 13 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: Warner Bros./Turner Entertainment NOTE: New episodes and reruns of Droopy and Dripple protions from the Tom and Jerry Kids Show and Screwball Squirrel shorts. EPISODE GUIDE unknown VOICE ACTORS Charlie Adler as Dripple, Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel and Screwball Squirrel Pat Fraley as Yolker Theresa Ganzel as Miss Vavoom Don Messick as Droopy Frank Welker as McWolf
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