Ewoks entry date: Dec 8, 2007 EWOKS CARTOONS AIRED IN THESE FORMATS EWOKS original airdates: Sept 7, 1985-Feb 22, 1986 on ABC THE EWOKS AND DROIDS ADVENTURE HOUR original airdates: Mar 1, 1986-Sept 6, 1986 on ABC THE ALL-NEW EWOKS original airdates: Sept 13, 1986-Sept 5, 1987 on ABC later airdates: 1993-1997 on Sci-Fi Channel episodes: 35 animated by: Nelvana distributed by: LucasFilm SUMMARY: Wicket the Ewok and his friends have adventures on their planet Endor in the village of Bright Tree. Takes place before the Star Wars films. A third season was planned, but abandoned due to rising animation costs. EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1985-1986) #01 The Cries of the Trees (09.07.1985) #02 The Haunted Village (09.14.1985) #03 Rampage of the Phlogs (09.21.1985) #04 To Save Deej (09.28.1985) #05 The Traveling Jindas (10.05.1985) #06 The Tree of Light (10.12.1985) #07 The Curse of the Jindas (10.19.1985) #08 The Land of the Gupins (10.26.1985) #09 Sunstar Vs. Shadowstone (11.02.1985) #10 Wicketís Wagon (11.09.1985) #11 The Three Lessons (11.16.1985) #12 Blue Harvest (11.23.1985) #13 Asha (11.30.1985) 2nd Season (1986-1987) #14 The Crystal Cloak (09.13.1986) #15 The Wish Plant (09.13.1986) #16 Home Is Where the Shrieks Are (09.20.1986) #17 Princess Latara (09.20.1986) #18 The Raich (09.27.1986) #19 The Totem Master (10.04.1986) #20 A Gift For Shodu (10.04.1986) #21 Night of the Stranger (10.11.1986) #22 Gone With the Mimphs (10.18.1986) #23 The First Apprentice (10.18.1986) #24 Hard Sell (10.25.1986) #25 A Warrior and a Lurdo (10.25.1986) #26 The Season Scepter (11.01.1986) #27 Prow Beaten (11.08.1986) #28 Bagaís Rival (11.08.1986) #29 Horvilleís Hut of Horrors (11.15.1986) #30 The Tragic Flute (11.22.1986) #31 Just My Luck (11.22.1986) #32 Bringing Up Norky (11.22.1986) #33 Party Ewok (12.13.1986) #34 Melani the Warrior (12.13.1986) #35 Battle For the Sunstar (12.06.1986) VOICE ACTORS Melleny Brown as Urgah Jackie Burroughs as Morag George Buza as Chief Chirpa, Lumat and Nahkee Rick Carrino as Logray Paul Chato as Paploo Leanne Coppen as Baby Nippet and Winda Alyson Court as Malani Rob Cowan as Punt Jim Cranna as Teebo Denny Delk as Wicket (2nd season) Richard Donat as Deej Desmond Ellis as Rock Wizard Michael Fantini as Baby Wiley Don Francks as Dulok Shaman and Umwak Myra Fried as Hoona Paulina Gillis as Ashma Dan Hennessey as King Gorneesh Jim Henshaw as Wicket (1st season) Pam Hyatt as Aunt Zephee and Aunt Tozzie Ron James as Mring-Mring Gupin Taborah Johnson as Latara (1st season) Hadley Kay as Shamanís nephew and Ubel Je Matheson as Zut Don McManus as Chukah-Tork Sue Murphy as Latara (2nd season) Anthony Parr as Ephram Warrick Eric Peterson as Murgoob Dine Polley as Dobah Pauline Rennie as Kaink Esther Scott as Shodu Warrick John Stocker as Dulok Scout, Hoom, Mooth and Widdle Cree Summer as Princess Kneesaa Greg Swanson as Jinda Boy and Weechee
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