Flash Gordon entry date: Aug 1, 2007 FLASH GORDON original airdates: Sept 22, 1979-Sept 10, 1983 on NBC later airdates: 1992-1995 on Sci Fi Channel episodes: 24 animated by: Filmation distributed by: Entertainment Rights character owned by: Kings Features Syndicate/Hearst Entertainment EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1979-1980) #01 Chapter One: A Planet In Peril (09.22.1979) #02 Chapter Two: The Monsters of Mongo (09.29.1979) #03 Chapter Three: Vultan, King of the Hawkmen (10.06.1979) #04 Chapter Four: To Save the Earth (10.13.1979) #05 Chapter Five: The Beast Men's Prey (10.20.1979) #06 Chapter Six: Into the Water World (10.27.1979) #07 Chapter Seven: Adventure In Arboria (11.03.1979) #08 Chapter Eight: The Frozen World (11.10.1979) #09 Chapter Nine: Monster of the Glacier (11.17.1979) #10 Chapter Ten: Blue Magic (11.24.1979) #11 Chapter Eleven: King Flash (12.01.1979) #12 Chapter Twelve: Tournament of Death (12.08.1979) #13 Chapter Thirteen: Castaways In Tropica (12.15.1979) #14 Chapter Fourteen: The Desert Hawk (12.22.1979) #15 Chapter Fifteen: Revolt of the Power Men (12.29.1979) #16 Chapter Sixteen: Ming's Last Battle (01.05.1980) 2nd Season (1980-1981) #17 Gremlin the Dragon / Royal Wedding (09.13.1980) #18 Sir Gremlin / Deadly Double (09.20.1980) #19 The Game / The Seed (09.27.1980) #20 Witch Woman / Micro Menace (10.04.1980) #21 Flash Back / The Warrior (10.11.1980) #22 The Freedom Balloon / Sacrifice of the Volcano Men (10.18.1980) #23 Beware of Gifts / The Memory Bank of Ming (10.25.1980) #24 Survival Game / Gremlin's Finest Hour (11.02.1980) MOVIE Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of Them All (1979 TV animated movie) VOICE ACTORS Melendy Britt as Princess Aura Allan Melvin as Thun and Vultan Alan Oppenheimer as Ming the Merciless and Dr. Hans Zarkov Diane Pershing as Dale Arden Robert Ridgely as Flash Gordon and Prince Barin
FLASH GORDON original airdates: Sept 21, 1996-Sept 1997 in syndication episodes: 13 produced by: Hearst Entertainment character owned by: Kings Features Syndicate/Hearst Entertainment EPISODE GUIDE #01 Marooned On Mongo! #02 Jaws of the Jungle! #03 Vandals of the Void! #04 Ambush In Arboria! #05 Fangs of Fury! #06 The Fiendish Experiment! #07 Terror Beneath the Waves! #08 The Fur Flies! #09 Moon of Mystery! #10 The Dragon Strikes! #11 Rocket To Oblivion! #12 The Caves of Doom! #13 Double Disaster! VOICE CAST Alex Doig as Dale Arden Toby Proctor as Flash Gordon Paul Shaffer as Dr. Hans Zarkov
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