Garbage Pail Kids entry date: Jul 6, 2009 GARBAGE PAIL KIDS original airdates: none, originally was set to air in the 1987-1988 season on CBS, but due to negative reactions the program was cut before it aired. later airdates: the cartoon was shown overseas and made its US debut on the 2006 Complete Series DVD collection episodes: 13 animated by: ? distributed and owned by: Paramount EPISODE GUIDE #01 Batteries Not Included #02 Honest Abe Has a Close Shave #03 Justin Cleans Up #04 The House That Dripped Crud #05 Green Dean Goes Out of His Bean #06 Elliot Messed Up #07 Mona Loser #08 Chris Messin' August #09 An Egg-citing Adventure #10 Heartless Hal #11 A Rhyme In Time #12 The Land of Odd #13 A Fishy Story VOICE ACTORS Len Carlson as the Announcer and Dan Rattle Alyson Court as Terri Cloth, Belle Button, Lois Lamebrain and Fay Hooray Michael Fantini as Elliot Mess, Clint Hardwood and Colonel Corn Tara Strong as Patty Putty, Still Jill and Carly Cuts (ep 5) Cree Summer as Clogged Duane, Trashed Tracy, Squishy, Plain Jane, Heartless Hal Noam Zylberman as Split Kit, Idaho Spud, and the Sturgeon General
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