George of the Jungle entry date: Dec 26, 2005 GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE original airdates: Sept 9, 1967-Sept 5, 1970 on ABC later airdates: 1970s-1990s in syndication, 1992 on FOX, Sept-Oct 21, 1995 on ABC, 1995-1998 on Cartoon Network episodes: 17 animated by: Jay Ward Productions distributed and owned by: Worldwide Productions and Jay Ward Productions featuring: George of the Jungle, Tom Slick and Super Chicken NOTE: After episode #7 Tom Slick switches with Super Chicken being the last cartoon aired in the episode EPISODE GUIDE #01 The Malady Lingers On / Monster Rally / One of Our States Is Missing #02 Ungawa the Gorilla God / Snow What? / The Oyster #03 Oo-Oo Birds of a Feather / Send In a Sub / Wild Ralph Hiccup #04 Monkey Business / I've Been Railroaded / The Elephant Spreader #05 The Desperate Showers / The Cupp Cup Race / Rotten Hood #06 Little Scissor / The Great Balloon Race / The Easter Bunny #07 Next Time, Take the Train / The Geezer / Dranko the Dragster #08 The Trouble I've Seed / The Noodle / Overstocked #09 Big Flop At the Big Top / Salvador Rag Dolly / The Sneaky Sheik #10 Rescue Is My Business / Merlin Brando / The Apple-Less Indian 500 #11 Dr. Schpritzer, I Presume? / The Fat Man / The Double Cross Country Race #12 The Chi Chi Dog / Briggs Bad-Wolf / The Cheap Skateboard Derby #13 The Treasure of Sarah Madre / The Laundry Man / The Irish Cheapstakes #14 A Man For All Hunting Season / The Muscle / The Badyear Blimp #15 The Forest's Prime Evil / Dr. Gizmo / The Swamp Buggy Race #16 Kings Back to Back / The Wild Hair / The Mack Buster Trophy #17 The Sultan's Pearl / The Zipper / The Bigg Race VOICES Daws Butler as Clutcher June Foray as Marigold and Ursula Paul Frees as Ape, Baron Otto Matic, narrator and Fred Bill Scott as George, Gertie Growler, Super Chicken and Tom Slick
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