Gravedale High entry date: Feb 2, 2009 GRAVEDALE HIGH original airdates: Sept 8, 1990-Sept 7, 1991 on NBC episodes: 13 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: NBC? EPISODE GUIDE (in production number order) #9001 Long Days Guerny Into Night (09.08.1990) #9002 Do the Rad Thing (09.15.1990) #9003 Cleo’s Pen Pal (10.06.1990) #9004 Monster Gumbo (09.22.1990) #9005 The Dress Up Mess Up (10.20.1990) #9006 The Grave Intruder (10.27.1990) #9007 Fear of Flying (10.13.1990) #9008 He Ain’t Scary, He’s My Brother #9009 Frankenjockey (11.24.1990) #9010 Save Our School (11.03.1990) #9011 Night of the Living Dad (12.08.1990) #9012 Good-Bye Gravedale (11.10.1990) #9013 Monster On Trial (12.15.1990) VOICE ACTORS Shari Belafonte as Blanche Ellen Brennan as Miss Dirge Georgia Brown as Headmistress Crone Tim Curry as Mr. Tutner Barry Gordon as Reggie Moonshroud Sandra Gould as Miss Webner Jacki Earle Haley as Gill Waterman Ricki Lake as Cleofatra Maurice LaMarche as Sid the Invisible Kid Rick Moranis as Max Schneider Brock Peters as Boneyard Kimmy Robertson as Medusa Duzer Roger Rose as Vinnie Stoker Frank Welker as Frankentyke and J.P. Ghastly III Jonathan Winters as Coach Cadaver
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