The Kid Power Super Hour (with Hero High & Shazam!) entry date: Sep 1, 2009 THE KID SUPER POWER HOUR (WITH HERO HIGH & SHAZAM!) original airdates: Sept 12, 1981-Sept 11, 1982 on NBC episodes: 13 (26 Hero High segments, 12 Shazam! segments) animated by: Filmation Associates distributed and owned by: (Shazam) Warner Bros. Television/DC Comics and (Hero High) Entertainment Rights SUMMARY: Hour long show featuring animated episodes of Hero High and Shazam! (DC's Captain Marvel). Live action segments featured the Hero High kids performing music and comedy shorts. Filmation previously did a live-action Shazam series from 1974-1977. Originally the Hero High students were going to be Archie and his Riverdale HIgh friends as superheroes, but the rights Filmation had with Archie expired, so they created new teens for the show. The episodes of Hero High and the live-action segments have been released on DVD as Hero High: The Complete Series from BCI Eclipse in 2007. The Shazam segments have not made it to DVD as of yet. EPISODE GUIDE SHAZAM! EPISODES: #01 Who's Who At the Zoo? (09.12.1981) #02 The Incredible Sinking City (09.19.1981) #03 Best Seller (09.26.1981) #04 Flight 601 Has Vanished (10.03.1981) #05 Black Adam's Return (10.10.1981) #06 A Menacing Family Affair (10.17.1981) #07 Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day (10.24.1981) #08 A Little Something Extra (10.31.1981) #09 The Airport Caper! (11.07.1981) #10 Mr. Atom, the Smasher (11.21.1981) #11 The Circus Plot (11.28.1981) #12 Star Master and the Solar Mirror (12.05.1981) HERO HIGH EPISODES: #01 Boo Hoo #02 Starfire, Where Are You #03 The Art of Ballot #04 The Captives #05 Do the Computer Stomp #06 A Fistful of Knuckles #07 Rat Fink Rex #08 High Rise High Jinx #09 Off Her Rocker #10 A Clone of his Own #11 Follow the Litter #12 Game of Chance #13 Malt Shop Mayhem #14 The Umpire Strikes Back #15 The Not So Great Outdoors #16 Track Race #17 Cover Twirl #18 The Human Fly #19 My Job is Yours #20 The Big Bang Theory #21 What's News #22 He Sinks Sea Ships #23 Girl of his Dreams #24 The Blow-Way Blimp #25 Jog-A-Long #26 Law of the Pack VOICE ACTORS John Berwick as Rex Ruthless Jere Fields as Misty Magic Barry Gordon as Captain Marvel Jr. Christopher Hensel as Captain California Dawn Jeffory as Mary Marvel Maylo McCaslin as Dirty Trixie Burr Middleton as Captain Marvel Alan Oppenheimer as Dr. Sivana, Mr. Mind, Mr. Tawny and Uncle Dudley Rebecca Perle as Glorious Gal Norm Prescott as narrator Johnny Venocour as Punk Rock
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