Laff-A-Lympics entry date: July 4, 2004
LAFF-A-LYMPICS original airdates: Sept 10, 1977-Sept 8, 1979 on ABC later airdates: June 21, 1980-Nov 1, 1980 and Mar 1986-Sept 6, 1986 on ABC, 1989-1992 on USA Network, Summer 1992?, Summer 1996 and Summer 2000 on Cartoon Network, May 1, 2000-present on Boomerang episodes: 24 (16 for 1977-1979 and 8 for 1978-1979) animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment TEAMS: THE SCOOBIE DOOBIES- Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Dum, Shaggy, Dynomutt, Blue Falcon, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels (Brenda Chance, Dee Dee Sykes, Taffy Dare), Speed Buggy, Tinker, Babu and Hong Kong Phooey THE YOGI YAHOOEYS- Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Boo-Boo Bear, Cindy Bear, Hokey Wolf, Pixie, Dixie, Mr. Jinks, Quick Draw McGraw, Snooper, Blabber, Augie Doggie, Doogie Daddy, Yakky Doodle, Wally Gator and Grape Ape THE REALLY ROTTENS- Mumbly, Dread Baron, the Dalton Brothers (Dinky, Dirty, Dastardly), the Creepleys (Mr. and Mrs. Creepley and Junior), the Great Fondoo, Magic Rabbit ('Brak!'), Daisy Mayhem, Sooey Pig, Orful Octopus COMMENTATORS- Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf GUEST STARS- Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and Jabberjaw LAFF-A-LYMPICS ORIGINALLY AIRED IN THESE FORMATS: SCOOBY'S ALL-STAR LAFF-A-LYMPICS (2 hours to 1 hour and 30 minutes) original airdates: Sept 10, 1977-Sept 2, 1978 on ABC format: Featured reruns of the Scooby-Doo Show from 1976-1977, reruns and new episodes of Dynomutt: Dog Wonder, and new episodes of Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and the Laff-A-Lympics. After Mar 11th, the show was reduced to one hour and thirty minutes with Dynomutt being pulled from the show. Dynomutt returned in his own timeslot on June 3-Sept 2, 1978. EPISODE GUIDE (in production number order) 1st Season (1977-1978) #7701 Quebec & Bagdad (pilot) (12.24.1977) #7702 The Swiss Alps & Tokyo, Japan (09.10.1977) #7703 Florida & China (09.17.1977) #7704 Acapulco & England (09.24.1977) #7705 The Sahara Desert & Scotland (10.01.1977) #7706 France & Australia (10.08.1977) #7707 Athens, Greece & Ozarks In Missouri (09.15.1977) #7708 Italy & Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (10.22.1977) #7709 Egypt & Sherwood Forest (10.29.1977) #7710 Spain & Himalayas (11.05.1977) #7711 India & Israel (11.12.1977) #7712 Africa & San Francisco (11.19.1977) #7713 The Grand Canyon & Ireland (11.26.1977) #7714 Hawaii & Norway (12.03.1977) #7715 North Pole & Tahiti (12.10.1977) #7716 Arizona & Holland (12.17.1977) SCOOBY'S ALL-STARS (1 hour and 30 minutes) original airdates: Sept 9, 1978-Sept 8, 1979 on ABC format: Featured new episodes of the Scooby-Doo Show, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and the Laff-A-Lympics 2nd Season (1978-1979) #7801-17 Russia & the Caribbean (06.12.1978) #7802-18 New York & Turkey (06.19.1978) #7803-19 South America & Transylvania (06.26.1978) #7804-20 French Riviera & New Zealand (07.03.1978) #7805-21 New Orleans & Atlantis (07.10.1978) #7806-22 Morocco & Washington D.C. (07.17.1978) #7807-23 Canada & Warsaw, Poland (07.24.1978) #7808-24 Siam & the Moon (07.31.1978) SCOOBY'S LAFF-A-LYMPICS original airdates: June 21, 1980-Nov 1, 1980 on ABC note: Reruns of the Laff-A-Lympics episodes from 1977-1979 LAFF-A-LYMPICS original airdates: Mar 1986-Sept 6, 1986 on ABC note: Reruns of the Laff-A-Lympics episodes from 1977-1979 VOICE ACTORS Julie Bennett as Cindy Bear Joe Besser as Babu Mel Blanc (died in 1989) as Barney Rubble, Captain Caveman and Speed Buggy Daws Butler (died in 1988) as Augie Doggie, Blabber, Dirty Dalton, Dixie, Grape Ape, Hokey Wolf, Huckleberry Hound, Mr. Jinxs, Quick Draw McGraw, Scooby-Dum, Snagglepuss, Snooper, Wally Gator and Yogi Bear Henry Corden as Fred Flintstone Scatman Crothers (died in 1986) as Hong Kong Phooey Bob Holt as Dinky Dalton, Grape Ape and Orful Octopus Casey Kasem as Shaggy Julie McWhirter as Jeannie Don Messick (died in 1997) as announcer, Boo-Boo, Creeply Jr., Dastardly Dalton, Mr. Creeply, Mumbly, Pixie and Scooby-Doo Gary Owens as Blue Falcon Laurel Page as Mrs. Creeply and Taffy Dare Marilyn Schrefler as Brenda Chance and Daisy Mayhem John Stephenson as Dread Baron and the Great Fondoo Verne Watson as Dee Dee Sykes Jimmy Weldon as Yakky Doodle Frank Welker as Dynomutt, Jabberjaw, Magic Rabbit, Mildew Wolf, Sooey the Pig, Tinker and Yakky Doodle Doug Young as Doggie Daddy
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