Lazer Tag Academy entry date: Dec 5, 2005 LAZER TAG ACADEMY original airdates: Sept 13, 1986-Sept 5, 1987 on NBC later airdates: 1994-1996 (as Laser Patrol) on Sci-Fi Channel episodes: 13 animated by: Ruby-Spears Enterprises distributed and owned by: Saban Entertainment and Disney Lazer Tag Academy is currently not on US television EPISODE GUIDE #01 The Beginning #02 Skugg Druggey #03 Yamato's Curse #04 Pay Dirt #05 Charles' Science Project #06 The Witch Switch #07 The Olanga Story #08 The Battle Hymn of the Jarens #09 Sir Tom of Jaren #10 Redbeard's Treasure #11 Drear's Doll #12 Starlyte On the Orient Express #13 Jamie and the Spifires VOICE ACTORS Booker Bradshaw as Draxon Drear Patrick Fraley as Charlie Ferguson and Skuggs Noelle Harling as Jamie Jaren Billy Jacoby as Tom Jaren Christina MacGregor as Beth Jaren Tress MacNeille as Mrs. Genna Jaren Sid McCoy as Professor Olanga R.J. Williams as Nicky Jaren Frank Welker as Mr. Andrew Jaren, Skuggs and Ralphie
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