The Mighty Orbots entry date: Aug 23, 2002 THE MIGHTY ORBOTS original airdates: Sept 8, 1984-Aug 31, 1985 on ABC episodes: 13 animated by: TMS Entertainment distributed and owned by: MGM/UA Intermedia EPISODE GUIDE (in production number order) #001 The Magnetic Menace (09.08.1984) #002 The Wish World (09.15.1984) #003 Trapped On the Prehistoric Planet (09.22.1984) #004 The Dremloks (09.29.1984) #005 Devil's Asteroid (10.06.1984) #006 Raid On the Stellar Queen (10.13.1984) #007 The Jewel of Targon (10.20.1984) #008 The Phoenix Factor (10.27.1984) #009 Leviathan (11.03.1984) #010 The Cosmic Circus (11.17.1984) #011 A Tale of Two Thieves (11.24.1984) #012 Operation Eclipse (12.01.1984) #013 The Invasion of the Shadow Star (12.15.1984) VOICE ACTORS Sherry Alberoni as Bo Julie Bennett as Boo Jennifer Darling as Dia Barry Gordon as Robert Simmons Jim MacGeorge as Bort Bill Martin as Tor and Umbra Don Messick (died in 1997) as Crunch and Rondu Noelle North as Ohno Gary Owens as the Narrator Robert Ridgely as Returns
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