Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor entry date: June 27, 2006 MOBY DICK AND MIGHTY MIGHTOR original airdates: Sept 9, 1967-Sept 6, 1969 on CBS later airdates: 1992-1997 on Cartoon Network, Apr 29, 2000-present on Boomerang episodes: 18 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment format: a Moby Dick short was sandwiched in with two Mightor shorts EPISODE GUIDE (order uncertain) #6701 The Sea Slavers / The Vortex Trap / Vengeance of the Storm King #6702 Tribe of the Witchmen / The Cereb Men / Cult of the Cavebearers #6703 The Stone Men / The Sinister Sea Saucer / The Scorpion Men #6704 Revenge of the Serpent Queen / Moraya, the Eel Queen / Vampire Island #6705 The Serpent Queen / The Aqua-Bats / The Giant Hunters #6706 The Mightest Warrior / The Shimmering Screen / Rok To the Rescue #6707 Battle of the Mountain Monsters / The Sea Ark / Dinosaur Island #6708 The People Keepers / The Undersea World / The Monster Keeper #6709 Mightor Meets Tyrannor / The Crab Creatures / Brutor, the Barbarian #6710 Kragor and the Cavern Creatures / The Iceberg Monster / The Bird People #6711 Return of the Korg / The Saucer Shells / The Tiger Men #6712 The Greatest Escape / The Iguana Men / Rok and the Golden Rok #6713 Rok and His Gang / Toadus, Ruler of the Dead Ships / A Big Day For Little Rok #6714 The Return of the Vulture Men / Soodak, the Invader / The Plant People #6715 The Vulture Men / The Electrifying Schotopus / Attack of the Ice Creatures #6716 Charr and the Fire People / The Shark Men / The Tree Pygmies #6717 The Snow Trapper / The Sea Monster / The Tusk People #6718 The People Keepers / The Sand Creatures / Battle of the Mightors VOICE ACTORS Barry Balkin as Tub Bobby Diamond as Tor Patsy Garret as Sheera Norma McMillian as Lil' Rok Don Messick as Scooby the Seal Bobby Resnick as Tom John Stephenson as Ork, Pondo and Tog Paul Stewart as Mightor
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