Outlaw Star entry date: Jan 3, 2001 OUTLAW STAR original Japan airdates: Jan 8-June 26, 1998 original airdates: Jan 15, 2001-Mar 29, 2001 and July 16, 2001-Oct 9, 2001, Dec 3, 2001- Jan 11, 2003 on Cartoon Network episodes: 26 animated by: Sunrise, Inc. distributed and owned by: Anime Village note: Dubbed and released on video in the US from 1999-2000 in thirteen volumes with two episodes each OUTLAW STAR SUMMARY: Gene Starwind leds his crew on the Outlaw Star, with a sentient ship computer named Gilliam, equipped with grapplers. They battle the Kei Pirates, the MacDougal brothers and the Anten Seven and race to find the mysterious Galactic Leyline. EPISODE GUIDE #01 Outlaw World (01.15.2001) #02 The Star of Desire (01.16.2001) #03 Into Burning Space (01.17.2001) #04 When Hot Ice Melts (01.18.2001) #05 The Beast Girl Ready To Pounce (01.19.2001) #06 The Beautiful Assassin (01.22.2001) #07 Creeping Evil (01.23.2001) #08 Forced Departure (01.24.2001) #09 A Journey Of Adventure...Huh? (01.25.2001) #10 Gathering For The Space Race (01.26.2001) #11 Adrift In Subspace (01.29.2001) #12 Mortal Combat with the Eldorado (01.30.2001) #13 Advance Guard from Another World (01.31.2001) #14 Final Countdown (02.01.2001) #15 The Seven Emerge (02.02.2001) #16 Demon of the Water Planet (02.05.2001) #17 Between Life and Machine (02.06.2001) #18 The Strongest Woman in the Universe (02.07.2001) #19 Law and Lawlessness (02.08.2001) #20 Cats and Girls and Spaceships (02.09.2001) #21 Grave of the Dragon (02.12.2001) #22 Gravity Jailbreak (02.13.2001) #23 Hot Springs Planet Tenrei (not aired due to content) #24 The Cutting of the Galatic Leyline (02.14.2001) #25 Maze of Despair (02.15.2001) #26 Return to Space (02.16.2001) VOICE ACTORS Emily Brown as Melfina Steve Cannon as Harry McDougal Mike D'Gord as Tao Master Simon Isaacson as Horace Abe Lasser as Lord Hazanka Wendee Lee as Kei Pirate and Suzuka Michael McConnohie as Fred Lou Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as 'Hot Ice' Hilda Brianne Siddall as Jim Hawking Peter Spellos as Gilliam Robert Wicks as Gene Starwind Melissa Williamson as Hilda Reba West as Iris Dave Wittenberg as Fred-Lo Lenore Zann (X-Men's Rogue, credited as "Zan") as Aisha Clan-Clan
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Outlaw Star

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