Plastic Man entry date: May 6, 2006 THE PLASTIC MAN COMEDY ADVENTURE SHOW original airdates: Sept 22, 1979-Sept 5, 1981 on ABC later airdates: Nov 13, 1983-Feb 4, 1984 (Plastic Man segment only) on CBS, 1995 on Cartoon Network episodes: 19 animated by: Ruby-Spears Enterprises distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. EPISODE GUIDE key= PM=Plastic Man PF=Plastic Family FF=Fangface MY=Mighty Man and Yukk RR=Rickety Rocket BP=Baby Plas 1st Season (1979-1980) 2 hours #01 PM: The Miniscule Seven / PF: Introducing Baby Plas / FF: There Is Nothing Worse Than a Stony Curse / MY: Big Mouse the Bad Mouse/RR: The Case of the Zombie Monster / BP: Bad Luck Stroll / PM: Hugefoot / MY: Magnet Man (09.22.1979) #02 PM: Superstein / PF: The Abominable Snow Sport / FF: Evil Guider of the Giant Spider / MY: Anthead / RR: The Mysterious Robot Critic Caper / PM: The Day the Oceans Disappeared / MY: Never Retire With Mr. and Mrs. Van Hire / BP: Baseball Bully (09.29.1979) #03 PM: Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy / PF: Baby Plas's Finny Friend / BP: Haircut Headache / MY: Goldteeth's Bad Bite / RR: The Spaceship Caper / FF: Dr. Lupiter and the Thing From Jupiter / PM: The Sale of the Century / MY: Baby Man (10.06.1979) #04 PM: Ghostfinger / BP: Witchin' Worries / MY: Trouble Brews When Glue Man Glues / FF: Who Do the Voodoo / RR: The Golden Crystal Caper / PF: The Big, Big Crush / PM: Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor / MY: Shake Up With Ms. Make-Op (10.13.1979) #05 PM: The Diabolical Dr. Dome / PM: City of Ice / RR: The Rickety Robbery / MY: Bad News Snooze / MY: Coach Crimes Big Play / FF: The Creepy Goon From the Spooky Lagoon / PF: Ali Baba Baby / BP: Tiger Trouble (10.20.1979) #06 PM: The Weed / PM: Moonraider / RR: The Alien Egg Caper / PF: Mighty Museum Mess / MY: The Rooster / MY: Rob Around the Clock / FF: A Scary Affair In the Skullman's Lair / BP: Clubhouse Calamity (10.27.1979) #07 PM: Badladdin / PM: Honeybee / RR: The Super-Duper Race Cage / PF: Rustilin' Rascals / MY: The Perils of the Paulette / MY: The Dangerous Dr. Gadgets / FF: A Time Machine Trip To the Pirate's Ship / BP: Babysitter Blues (11.03.1979) #08 PM: Wham-Bam! Beware of the Clam! / PM: The Corruptible Carrot Man / RR: The Creepy Creature Caper / PF: Calamity Cruise / MY: Bye Bye Biplane / MY: Beach Bums Crime Wave / FF: The Ill-Will of Dr. Chill / BP: Sleepwalking Shafu (11.10.1979) #09 PM: The Horrible Half-Ape / PM: Dogmaster / RR: The Mysterious, Serious Circus Caper / PF: Who Undo the Zoo / MY: The Fiendish Fish / MY: Catman / FF: The Romantic Plot of the She-Wolf Robot / BP: Birthday Blowout (11.17.1979) #10 PM: The Maniacal Computerhead / PM: Thunderman / RR: The Mad Mummy Mystery / PF: Ozark Family Feud / MY: Kragg the Conqueror / MY: The Menacing Mindreader / FF: The Sinister Plan of Lizard Man / BP: Movie Mischeif (11.24.1979) #11 PM: Doctor Duplicator Striikes Again / PM: Toyman / PF: Dr. Strangeleaf / RR: The Count Draculon Caper / MY: Dog Gone Days / MY: The Evil Evo-Ray / FF: Royal Trouble With the Kingęs Double / BP: Tropical Trouble (12.01.1979) #12 PM: The Kitty Katt Caper / PM: The Spider Takes a Bride / RR: The Horrible Headless Horseman Caper / PF: Kewpie Doll Caper / MY: The Video Villain / MY: Krime Crownęs Circus of Evil / FF: The Stone-Cold Dragon of Gold / BP: Frognapped (12.08.1979) #13 PM: The Dangerous Dr. Dinosaur / PM: Highbrow / RR: The Case of the Fearsome Phantom / PF: Rodeo Ruckus / MY: Copycat/ MY: Sinister Suit Suit/ FF: The Evil Design of Vulture-Manęs Mind / BP: Mummy Madness (12.15.1979) #14 PM: Count Grafitti / PM: The Hippotist / RR: The Mysterious Warnings of Doom / MY: The Malevolent Marble Man / MY: Evil Notions With Evilaęs Potions / FF: The Defiant Casablanca Giant (12.22.1979) #15 PM: Empire of Evil / PM: The Colossal Crime of Commodore Peril / RR: The Case of the Vicious Voodoo Villiian / MY: The Diabolical Dr. Locust / MY: Where Thereęs a Will Thereęs a Creep / FF: The Film Fiasco of Director Disastro (12.29.1979) #16 PM: The Terrible Five Plus One / PM: Joggernaut / RR: The Deep Sea Demon Caper/ MY: Doctor Icicle / MY: The Glutunous Gloo / FF: A Goofy Bungle In the Filipino Jungle (01.05.1980) #17 Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape (01.12.1980) #18 The Crime Costume Caper (01.19.1980) #19 The Royal Gargoyle Foil (01.26.1980) 2nd Season reruns of Plastic Man segments VOICE ACTORS Jack Baker as Sunstroke Joe Baker as Hula Hula Michael Bell as Plastic Man Susan Blu as Kim Bart Braverman as Pugsy Melendy Britt as Chief and Penny Johnny Brown as Splashdown Peter Cullen as Mighty Man Jerry Dexter as Biff Bobby F. Ellerbee as Cosmo Al Fann as Rickety Rocket Dee Timberlake as Venus Frank Welker as Fangface, Fangpuss and Yukk
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