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RAINBOW BRITE original airdates: Dec 13, 1984-1986 in syndication later airdates: 1986-1987 in syndication episodes: 13 animated by: DiC distributed and owned by: Hallmark Entertainment and Mattel Toys note: In the syndication run, Rainbow Brite aired as part of the 90 minute Kideo TV with the Get Along Gang and Popples. Rainbow Brite was added to replace the Ulysses 31 segment of Kideo TV after a few episodes. EPISODE GUIDE #01 Beginning of Rainbowland Part 1 (12.13.1984) #02 Beginning of Rainbowland Part 2 (12.20.1984) #03 Peril in the Pits (12.27.1984) #04 The Mighty Monstomurk Menace Part 1 (01.03.1985) #05 The Mighty Monstomurk Menace Part 2 (01.10.1985) #06 Invasion of Rainbow Land (01.17.1985) #07 Mom (01.24.1985) #08 Rainbow Night (01.31.1985) #09 Star Sprinkled (02.07.1985) #10 Chasing Rainbows (02.14.1985) #11 Murky's Comet (02.21.1985) #12 A Horse of a Different Color (02.28.1985) #13 Queen of the Sprites (03.07.1985) MOVIE Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealers (11.15.1985 feature movie) VOICE ACTORS Charles Adler as Popo Rhonda Aldrich as the Princess Rhonda Allman as Moonglo and Tickled Pink Bettina Bush as Rainbow Brite Peter Cullen as Monstromurk, Murky, the Narrator and Skydancer Patrick Fraley as Buddy Blue, Evil Force, Lurky and On-X Jonathan Harris as Count Blogg Robbie Lee as Indigo, La La Orange, Shy Violet, Sprites and Twink Mona Marshall as Canary Yellow, Patty O'Green and Red Butler David Mendenhall as Krys Marissa Mendenhall as Stormy Scott Menville as Brian Andre Stojka as Starlite Les Tremayne as Bombo, Orin and TV announcer David Workman as Sargeant Zombo
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