Richie Rich entry date: Aug 16, 2002 RICHIE RICH AIRED IN THESE FORMATS: THE RICHIE RICH/SCOOBY-DOO HOUR original airdates: Nov 8, 1980-Aug 30, 1982 on ABC THE PAC-MAN/LITTLE RASCALS/RICHIE RICH SHOW original airdates: Sept 5, 1982-Sept 3, 1983 on ABC THE LITTLE RASCALS/RICHIE RICH SHOW original airdates: Sept 10, 1983-Sept 1, 1984 on ABC RICHIE RICH (1980-1984 series) original airdates: Nov 8, 1980-Sept 1, 1984 on ABC later airdates: Jan 11, 1986-Aug 30, 1986 and Nov 15, 1986-Dec 27, 1986 on CBS, 1992-1998 on Cartoon Network, May 4, 2000-present on Boomerang animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment and Harvey Entertainment EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1980-1981) #8001 Piggy Bank Prank/Muscle Beach/The Robotnappers (reaired: 11-23-2002) #8002 The Rare Scare/Kitty Sitter/One of Our Aircraft Carriers Is Missing (reaired: 2-15-2003) #8003 Spring Cleaning/Silence Is Golden/The Shocking Lady Strikes Again (reaired: 5-10-2003) #8004 The Blur/Cur Wash/The Kangaroo Hop #8005 Irona Versus Demona/Chef's Surprise/The Snow Bounders #8006 The Abominable Plan/Miss Robot America/Constructo #8007 The Greatest Invention In the World/Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bug/Counterfeit Dollar #8008 Mystery Mountain/Poor Little Richbillies/Chowhound #8009 Wiped Out/Welcome Uncle Cautious/Diaster Master #8010 T.V. Dollar/Disappearing Dignitaries/The Most Unforgetable Butler #8011 Prankster Beware/Phantom of the Movies/Clothes Make the Butler #8012 Cave Boy Richie/Young Irona/The Great Charity Train Robbery #8013 Baseball Dollar/The Sinister Sports Spectacular/It's No Giggling Matter 2nd Season (1981-1982) #8101-14 Schoolhouse Romp/The Chef's Watch Dog/Space Shark (r:6-23-2002) #8102-15 I Want My Mummy/Canine Cadet/Richie of the Round Table (r:9-21-2002) #8103-16 Tooth Is Stranger Than Fiction/Butlering Made Easy/Voodoo Island (r:1-4-2003) #8104-17 Bye-Bye Baby/A Special Talent/Villians Incorporated (r:3-29-2003) #8105-18 Rich Mice/King Bee/Chilly Dog #8106-19 Money Talks/Mischief Movie/An Ordinary Day #8107-20 Dog Gone/Carnival Man/The Day the Earth Stood Still #8108-21 Around the World On Eighty Cents/No Substitute For A Watch/ Robot Robber 3rd Season (1982-1983) #8201-22 Born Flea/How Human/The Collector/Money Plant #8202-23 The Midas Touch/Ball Room/Genie With the Light Brown Hair/Dignified Doggy #8203-24 Coin Flapper/Mayda Munny/Busy Butler/The Haunting of Castle Rich #8204-25 Shoe Biz/Sugar Bowl/Suavo/The Giant Ape Caper #8205-26 Richie Goes to Shirik/The Pie-Eyed Piper/Guard Dog/Giant Pearl #8206-27 The Youth Maker/Robot Bug Guards/I Say You All/Boy of the Year #8207-28 Dollar's Exercise/Richie's Cube/The Maltese Monkey/Everybody's Doing It #8208-29 Hard to Study/Gold Frame/Look Alike/Sky Hook 4th Season (1983-1984) #8301-30 Richie Hood/The T.V. Phantom #8302-31 A Whale of a Tale/Rich No More #8303-32 The Ends of the Earth/The Snowman Cometh VOICE ACTORS Bill Callaway as Professor Keenbean Nancy Cartwright as Gloria Glad Joan Gerber as Irona and Regina Rich Christina Hoff as Freckles Stan Jones as Cadbury and Richard Rich Sr. Sparky Marcus as Richie Rich Frank Welker as Dollar
RICHIE RICH (1996-1997 series) original airdates: Sept 21, 1996-Fall 1997 in syndication episodes: 13 animated by: Film Roman and Harveytoons distributed and owned by: Universal and Harvey Entertainment note: New Richie Rich shorts packaged with 1950s Harveytoons shorts EPISODE GUIDE #01 One of a Kind/Will Do Mousework/Seapreme Court (9/21/1996) #02 Nothing to Hiccup At/Cat Tamale/Dawg Gone (9/28/1996) #03 Richie’s Great Race/Of Mice and Menace/The Case of the Cockeyed Canary (10/5/1996) #04 Girls Only/Mice Capades/Dizzy Dishes (10/12/1996) #05 Rich and Chocolatey/From Mad to Worse/Audrey the Rainmaker (10/26/1996) #06 Richie’s Circus/Drinks on the Mouse/Surf Bored (11/2/1996) #07 Dognapped/Mice Paradise/Law and Audrey (11/9/1996) #08 Back in the Saddle/City Kitty/Little Audrey Riding Hood (11/16/1996) #09 Roughing It a.k.a. Pampered Campers/Mousier Herman/Fishing Tackler (11/23/1996) #10 Bugged Out/Mousetro Herman/TV Fuddlehead (11/30/1996) #11 Invasion of the Cadbury Robots a.k.a. Cadbury Overload/Felineous Assault/Feast and Furious (2/8/1997) #12 The Love Potion/Mice Meeting You/Jolly the Clown (2/15/1997) #13 Cleaned Out/Back in the Saddle (from ep#8)/Rich and Chocolatey (from ep#5) (2/22/1997) VOICE ACTORS Rene Auberjonois as Chef Pierre, Professor Keenbean and Richard Rich Sr. Jeannie Elias as Freckles, Glora Glad, Reggie Van Dough and Tiny Pat Fraley as Dollar Martin Jarvis as Bascomb and Cadbury Katie Leigh as Irona and Richie Rich Susan Solo as Regina Rich MOVIES Richie Rich (1994 live-action) Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (1998 live-action)
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