Secret Squirrel entry date: Jul 23, 2008 SECRET SQUIRREL original airdates: Oct 2, 1965-Sept 2, 1967 on NBC “THE ATOM ANT/SECRET SQUIRREL SHOW” original airdates: Sept 9, 1967-Aug 31, 1968 on NBC later airdates: Apr 5, 2000-present on Boomerang episodes: 26 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. format: Secret Squirrel, Squiddly Diddly and Winsome Witch (last two rotated in order from time to time) note: Secret Squirrel and Squiddly Diddly also appeared on Yogi’s Gang, new episodes of ‘Super Secret Secret Squirrel were produced for 2 Stupid Dogs in 1993. EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1965-1966) #6501 Sub Swiper/ Way Out Squiddly / Prince of a Pup (10.23.1965) #6502 The Little Big League/ The Canvas Back Squid/ Masked Granny (11.06.1965) #6503 Scotland Yard Caper/ Show Biz Squid/ Good Red Riding Hood (10.16.1965) #6504 Robin Hood and His Merry Muggs/ Chief Cook and Bottle Washer/ Operation Broom Switch (11.13.1965) #6505 Wolf In Cheap Cheap Clothing/ Nervous Service/ The Hansel & Gretel Case (10.09.1965) #6506 Royal Run Around/ Sea Grunt/ Have Broom Will Travel (10.30.1965) #6507 Yellow Pinkie/ Westward Ha!/ School Teacher Winnie (10.02.1965) #6508 Five Is a Crowd/ How Now Cinderella/ Squid On the Skids (11.20.1965) #6509 It Stopped Training/ Double Trouble/ Winnie's Baby (11.27.1965) #6510 Wacky Secret Weapon/ Squid Kid/ Have Broom Will Zoom (12.04.1965) #6511 Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo/ Booty and the Beast/ Winnie the Sheriff (12.11.1965) #6512 Catty Cornered/ Clowning Around/ Good Little Scout (12.18.1965) #6513 Leave Wheel Enough Alone/ Surprise Prize/ Welcome Wagging (12.25.1965) #6514 Jester Minute/ Baby Squidder/ Shoo-Spy (01.01.1966) #6515 Not So Idle Idol/ Naughty Astronaut/ Hollywood or Busted (01.08.1966) #6516 Gold Rushed/ The Ghost Is Clear/ Wolfcraft Vs. Witchcraft (01.15.1966) #6517 Double Ex-Double Cross/ Lucky Ducky/ Tallyho the Hunter (01.22.1966) #6518 Capt. Kidd's Not Kidding/ Foxy Seal/ Witch Hitch (01.29.1966) #6519 Bold Rush/ Squiddly Double Diddley/ Witch Witch Is Witch (02.12.1966) #6520 Tusk-Tusk/ Hollywood Folly/ Ugly Duckling Trouble (02.05.1966) 2nd Season (1966-1967) #6621 Robot Rout/ One Black Knight/ Potluck (1966) #6622 The Pink Sky Mobile/ Phoney Fish/ Pussycat-Man (1966) #6623 Scuba-Duba-Duba / Gnatman/ Sherrif Winnie (1966) #6624 Hi Spy/ Wee Winnie Witch/ Robot Squid (1966) #6625 Spy In the Sky/ Sea Dogged/ Yo Ho Ho (1966) #6626 Ship of Spies/ Jewel Finger/ Wild Wild Witch (1966) VOICE ACTORS Mel Blanc as Secret Squirrel Paul Frees as Morocco Mole, Squiddly Diddly John Stephenson as Chief Winchley Jean VanderPyl as Winsome Witch
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