Sectaurs entry date: Dec 13, 2006 SECTAURS original airdates: 1985 syndication episodes: 5 animated by: Ruby-Spears Enterprises distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. EPISODE GUIDE #01 Spidrax Attacks #02 Slave City #03 Valley of the Stones #04 Trapped In the Acid Desert #05 Battle For the Hyve VOICE ACTORS Arthur Burghardt as Spiderflyer and Spidrax Peter Cullen as Mantor, Skito and Toxcid Laurie Faso as Bitaur and Zak Dan Gilvezan as Dargon and Dragonflyer Peter Renaday as Battle Beetle and Pinsor Neil Ross as Waspax and Wingid Frank Welker as Skulk and Trancula B.J. Ward as Stellara
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