Silver Surfer entry date: Dec 1, 2008 SILVER SURFER original airdates: Feb 7, 1998-Aug 1998 on FOX episodes: 13 animated by: Saban Entertainment distributed and owned by: Buena Vista Entertainment and Marvel Entertainent EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1998) #01-101 The Origin of the Silver Surfer Part 1 (02.07.1998) #02-102 The Origin of the Silver Surfer Part 2 (02.14.1998) #03-103 The Origin of the Silver Surfer Part 3 (02.21.1998) #04-105 The Planet of Dr. Moreau (02.28.1998) #05-104 Learning Curve Part 1 (03.07.1998) #06-106 Learning Curve Part 2 (03.14.1998) #07-107 Antibody (04.11.1998) #08-108 The Forever War (05.29.1998) #09-109 Innervisions (04.04.1998) #10-110 Radical Justice (05.02.1998) #11-111 Second Foundation (04.25.1998) #12-113 Return To Zenn-La (05.09.1998) #13-112 The End of Eternity Part 1 (05.16.1998) (final episode was to lead into the second season but the series was cancelled due to Marvelís bankruptcy) VOICE ACTORS Denis Akiyama as the Watcher Prime Lawerence Bayne as Zedaro Oliver Becker as Adam Warlock Bernard Behrens as Nietre Rick Bennent as Votrick James Blendick as Galactus Robert Bockstael as Ivan and Pip the Troll Valerie Buhagiar as Shellaine Lally Cadeau as Lady Chaos David Calderisi as Kiar Michael Copeman as Maciag Alyson Court as Amber Jennifer Dale as Nebula Len Doncheff as Raze Shirley Douglas as Infection Paul Essiembre as Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd Colin Fox as the Watcher Don Francks as Kalek Elizabeth Hanna as Kili the Troll David Hemblin as Husseri and the Supreme Intelligence Howard Jerome as Geatar Lorne Kennedy as Sphere Gary Krawford as Thanos Roy Lewis as Ego the Living Planet John Neville as Eternity Nicole Oliver as Gamma Karl Pruner as Beta Ray Bill Tara Rosling as Nova/Frankie Raye Camilla Scott as Shalla Bal Allison Sealy-Smith as Gamora Elizabeth Sheperd as Infinity Cedric Smith as Mentor Norm Spencer as Drax the Destroyer Mark Strange as Lord Glenn Aron Tager as the Master of Zenn-La
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