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SPACE SENTINELS original airdates: Sept 10, 1977-Sept 28, 1978 on NBC later airdates: episodes: 13 distributed and owned by: Entertainment Rights NOTE: originally titled ‘The Young Sentinels’ the show was renamed ‘Space Sentinels’ to catch in on the Star Wars craze with the Nov 12, 1977 episode. FORMAT: Three young heroes are gathered by the super computer Sentinel One and granted powers and eternal life. Hercules, super strongman; Astraeea, shape-shifter and Mercury, super-speedster watch over and protect the universe. FACTS: Space Sentinels was the first animated program Michael Reaves wrote for. Reaves went on to write for many other cartoons throughout the 70’s-90’s. Linda Gary voiced the villianous Sorceress, went on to voice the good Sorceress of Castle Grayskull in He-Man. According to the time belts used in ‘The Time Traveler’ episode, Space Sentinels takes place in the year 1985. The Space Sentinels are referred to as the Young Sentinels by others in the series, as the title of the show was changed mid-way thru the show’s run. The Space Sentinels use rocket belts to enable them flight. Hercules later appeared on the ‘Freedom Force’ segment of the Tarzan and the Super 7 (1978) & Batman and the Super 7 (1980). EPISODE GUIDE #42001 Morpheus: The Sinister Sentinel #42002 Space Giants #42003 The Time Traveler #42004 The Sorceress #42005 The Return of Anubis #42006 The Wizard of Od #42007 The Prime Sentinel #42008 Commander Nemo #42009 Voyage To the Inner World #42010 Loki #42011 Fauna #42012 The Jupiter Spore #42013 The World Ship VOICE ACTORS George DiCenzo as Hercules and Sentinel One Evan Kim as Mercury Dee Timberlake as Astraeea Lou Scheimer as M.O. additional voice actors Linda Gary Howard Morris Erika Scheimer Jay Scheimer
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