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SPIDER-MAN SUMMARY: Bitten by a radioactive exposed spider, Peter Parker gained the ability to walk on walls and developed super strength, agility and a spider-sense to warn him of danger. Peter began using his skills for monetary benefits as the costumed Spider-Man. When he failed to stop a burgular, who later killed his Uncle Ben, Peter vowed to fight criminals with his powers. SPIDER-MAN AIRED IN THESE SERIES: SPIDER-MAN (1967-1970 series) original airdates: Sept 9, 1967-Aug 30, 1969 and Mar 22, 1970-Sept 6, 1970 on ABC later airdates: in syndication, 1994-1998 on YTV Canada, May 25-27 on ABC Family episodes: 52 animated by: Grantway-Lawrence Animation for the 1st season and Krantz Films for the 2nd and 3rd seasons EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (Sept 9, 1967-1968 on ABC Saturday mornings) #01 "The Power of Doctor Octopus" and "Sub-Zero For Spidey" #02 "Where Crawls the Lizard" and "Electro the Human Lightning Bolt" #03 "The Menace of Mysterio" #04 "The Sky Is Falling" and "Captured By J. Jonah Jameson" #05 "Never Step On a Scorpion" and "Sands of Crime" #06 "Diet of Destruction" and "The Witching Hour" #07 "Kilowatt Kaper" and "The Peril of Parafino" #08 "Horn of the Rhino" #09 "The One-Eyed Idol" and "Fifth Avenue Phantom" #10 "The Revenge of Dr. Magneto" and "The Sinister Prime Minister" #11 "The Night of the Villains" and "Here Comes Trubble" #12 "Spiderman Meets Dr. Noah Boddy" and "The Fantastic Fakir" #13 "Return of the Flying Dutchman" and "Farewell Performance" #14 "The Golden Rhino" and "Blueprint For Crime" #15 "The Spider and the Fly" and "The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick" #16 "The Vulture's Prey" and "The Dark Terrors" #17 "The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus" and "Magic Malice" #18 "Fountain of Terror" and "Fiddler On the Loose" #19 "To Catch a Spider" and "Double Identity" #20 "Sting of the Scorpion" and "Trick Or Treachery" 2nd Season (1968-Aug 30, 1969 on ABC Saturday mornings) #21 "The Origin of Spiderman" #22 "King Pinned" #23 "Swing City" #24 "Criminals In the Clouds" #25 "Menace From the Bottom of the World" #26 "Diamond Dust" #27 "Spiderman Battles the Molemen" #28 "Rhino" and "The Madness of Mysterio" #29 "The Evil Sorcerer" #30 "Vine" #31 "Pardo Presents" #32 "Cloud City of Gold" #33 "Neptune's Nose Cone" #34 "Home" #35 "Blotto" #36 "Thunder Rumble" #37 "Spiderman Meets Skyboy" #38 "Cold Storage" #39 "To Cage a Spider" 3rd Season (Mar 22, 1970-Sept 6, 1970 on ABC Sunday mornings) #40 "The Winged Thing" and "Conner's Reptiles" #41 "Trouble With Snow" and "Spiderman Vs. Desperado" #42 "Sky Harbor" and "The Big Brainwasher" #43 "The Vanishing Doctor Vespasian" and "Scourge of the Scarf" #44 "Super Swami" and "The Birth of Microman" #45 "Knights Must Fall" and "The Devious Dr. Dumpty" #46 "Up From Nowhere" #47 "Rollarama" #48 "Phantom From the Depths of Time" #49 "Revolt In the Fifth Dimension" #50 "Specialists and Slaves" #51 "Down To Earth" #52 "Trip To Tomorrow" VOICE ACTORS Carl Banas as the Scorpion Len Carlson as Captain Stacy and Green Goblin Bernard Cowan as Dr. Magneto and Narrator Peg Dixon as Betty Brant and Mary Jane Watson Gillie Fenwick as Lizard Man/Dr. Curt Conners Paul Kligman as J. Jonah Jameson Ed McNamara as Rhino Paul Soles as Spider-Man/Peter Parker Chris Wiggins as Mysterio
SPIDER-MAN (1981-1982 series) original airdates: Sept 12, 1981-Sept 11, 1982 in syndication later airdates: 1988-1989 in syndication, 1998-1999 on UPN episodes: 26 animated by: Marvel Productions, Ltd. EPISODE GUIDE #01-5001 Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble #02-5002 Dr. Doom, Master of the World #03-5003 Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere #04-5004 Curiosity Killed the Spider-Man #05-5005 The Sandman Is Coming #06-5006 When Magneto Speaks . . . People Listen #07-5007 The Pied Piper of New York Town #08-5008 The Doctor Prescibes Doom #09-5009 Carnival of Crime #10-5010 Revenge of the Green Goblin #11-5011 Triangle of Evil #12-5012 The A-B-C's of D-O-O-M #13-5013 The Sidewinder Strikes #14-5014 The Hunter and the Hunted #15-5015 The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man #16-5016 The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo #17-5017 Canon of Doom #18-5018 The Capture of Captain America #19-5019 The Doom Report #20-5020 The Web of Nephilia #21-5021 Countdown To Doom #22-5022 Arsenic and Aunt May #23-5023 The Vulture Has Landed #24-5024 Wrath of the Sub-Mariner #25-5025 The Return of Kingpin #26-5026 Under the Wizard's Spell VOICE ACTORS Jack Angel as Dr. Donald Blake Peter Cullen as the Red Skull George Dicenzo as Captain America Linda Gary as Aunt May Stan Jones (died in 1998) as Dr. Octopus Mona Marshall as Betty Brant Ted Schwartz as Spider-Man/Peter Parker Paul Winchell as Silvermane William Woodson as J. Jonah Jameson
SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS original airdates: Sept 12, 1981-Sept 6, 1986 on NBC later airdates: 1988-1989 in syndication, 1998-1999 on UPN, May 25-27 and July 6-Aug 31, Oct 19, 2002-May 25, 2003, Mar 27, 2004-Aug 14, 2004 on ABC Family June 2005-present on ABC Family & Toon Disney episodes: 24 animated by: Marvel Productions, Ltd. note: This series featured Spider-Man teaming up with Iceman from the X-Men and a new character Firestar, who was created for this series. She later was adapted in Marvel Comics continuity in 1985, as a member of the Hellions, a group of rival mutants for the The New Mutants team. Firestar later went to join the Marvel super-hero teams, the New Warriors and the Avengers. EPISODE GUIDE (in production order with production #s) from the Spider-Friends.com website 1st Season (Sept 12, 1981-1982) #01-6001 Triumph of the Green Goblin #02-6002 Crime of All Centuries #03-6003 The Fantastic Mr. Frump #04-6004 Sunfire #05-6005 Swarm #06-6006 Seven Little Superheroes #07-6007 Videoman #08-6008 Prison Plot #09-6009 Spidey Goes Hollywood #10-6010 The Vengeance of Loki #11-6011 Knights and Demons #12-6012 Pawns of the Kingpin 2nd Season (Sept 18, 1982-1983, Aired with episodes from The Incredible Hulk under the title THE INCREDIBLE HULK AND THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.) #13-6013 Quest of the Red Skull #14-6016 The Origin of the Iceman #15-6017 Along Came Spidey #16-6018 A Firestar Is born 3rd Season (Sept 17, 1983-1984, Aired with episodes from The Incredible Hulk under the title THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN AND THE INCREDIBLE HULK.) #17-6024 Spider-Man: Unmasked #18-6025 The Transylvanian Connection (titled The Bride of Dracula on later airings) #19-6026 Education of a superhero #20-6027 Attack of the Arachnoid #21-6028 Origin of the Spider-Friends #22-6029 Spidey Meets the Girl From tomorrow #23-6030 The X-Men Adventure #24-6031 Mission: Save the Guardstar (reruns from 1984-1986 on NBC) VOICE ACTORS Michael Bell as Doctor Octopus Hans Conried as the Chameleon Peter Cullen as Hulk/Bruce Banner Jerry Dexter as Sunfire George Dicenzo as Captain America June Foray as Aunt May Kathy Garver as Firestar/Angelica Jones Dan Gilvezan as Spider-Man/Peter Parker Stanley Jones as Professor X Sally Julian as Mona Osborne Chris Latta as the Sandman Dennis Marks as Green Goblin William Marshall as The Juggernaut Alan Melvin as Video Man Shepard Menkin as Dr. Doom Robert Rigley as Kraven Neil Ross as Cyclops, Norman Osborn Micheal Rye as Magneto John Stephenson as Colossus, Thunderbird and Uncle Ben Frank Welker as Iceman, Flash Thompson and Ms. Lion William Woodson as J. Jonah Jameson Alan Young as Mr. Frump
SPIDER-MAN (1994-1998 series) original airdates: Nov 12, 1994 special, Mar 11, 1995-Fall 1998 on FOX later airdates: 1998 on Fox Family Channel, 1999-2000 on The Boyz Channel (now defunct), May 26, 2001-Sept 2001 on FOX, Mar 2, 2002-present on ABC Family, Sept 26, 2004-present on Toon Disney episodes: 65 animated by: TMS (produced by Marvel Films) EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1994-1995) #01-101 Night of the Lizard (11.12.1994) #02-102 The Sting of the Scorpion (03.11.1995) #03-103 The Spider Slayer (02.04.1995) #04-104 The Return of the Spider-Slayers (02.11.1995) #05-105 The Menace of Mysterio (02.25.1995) #06-106 Doctor Octopus Armed and Dangerous (02.18.1995) #07-107 The Alien Costume, Part One (04.29.1995) #08-108 The Alien Costume, Part Two (05.06.1995) #09-113 The Alien Costume, Part Three (05.13.1995) #10-109 Kraven The Hunter (04.01.1995) #11-110 The Hobgoblin, Part One (05.20.1995) #12-111 The Hobgoblin, Part Two (05.27.1995) #13-112 Day of the Chameleon (06.11.1995) 2nd Season (1995-1996) #14-201 Neogenic Nightmare Part 1: The Insidious Six (09.09.1995) #15-202 Neogenic Nightmare Part 2: Battle of the Insidious Six (09.16.1995) #16-203 Neogenic Nightmare Part 3: Hydro-Man (09.23.1995) #17-204 Neogenic Nightmare Part 4: The Mutant Agenda (09.30.1995) #18-205 Neogenic Nightmare Part 5: Mutants Revenge (10.07.1995) #19-206 Neogenic Nightmare Part 6: Morbius (10.28.1995) #20-207 Neogenic Nightmare Part 7: Enter the Punisher (11.04.1995) #21-208 Neogenic Nightmare Part 8: Duel of the Hunters (11.11.1995) #22-209 Neogenic Nightmare Part 9: Blade the Vampire Hunter (02.03.1996) #23-210 Neogenic Nightmare Part 10: The Immortal Vampire (02.10.1996) #24-211 Neogenic Nightmare Part 11: Tablet of Time (11.18.1995) #25-212 Neogenic Nightmare Part 12: Ravages of Time (11.25.1995) #26-213 Neogenic Nightmare Part 13: Shriek of the Vulture (02.17.1996) #27-214 Neogenic Nightmare Part 14: The Final Nightmare (02.24.1996) #28-301 Sins of the Fathers Part 1: Doctor Strange (04.27.1996) #29-302 Sins of the Fathers Part 2: Make a Wish (05.04.1996) #30-303 Sins of the Fathers Part 3: Attack of the Octobot (05.11.1996) #31-304 Sins of the Fathers Part 4: Enter the Green Goblin (05.18.1996) 3rd Season (1996-1997) #32-305 Sins of the Fathers Part 5: The Rocket Racer (09.14.1996) #33-306 Sins of the Fathers Part 6: Framed (09.21.1996) #34-307 Sins of the Fathers Part 7: The Man Without Fear (09.28.1996) #35-308 Sins of the Fathers Part 8: The Ultimate Slayer (10.05.1996) #36-309 Sins of the Fathers Part 9: Tombstone (10.12.1996) #37-310 Sins of the Fathers Part 10: Venom Returns (11.02.1996) #38-311 Sins of the Fathers Part 11: Carnage (11.09.1996) #39-312 Sins of the Fathers Part 12: The Spot (10.26.1996) #40-313 Sins of the Fathers Part 13: Goblin Wars (11.16.1996) #41-314 Sins of the Fathers Part 14: The Turning Point (11.23.1996) #42-401 Partners In Danger Part 1: Guilty (02.01.1997) #43-402 Partners In Danger Part 2: The Cat (02.08.1997) #44-403 Partners In Danger Part 3: The Black Cat (02.15.1997) #45-404 Partners In Danger Part 4: The Return of Kraven (02.22.1997) #46-405 Partners In Danger Part 5: Partners (05.03.1997) #47-406 Partners In Danger Part 6: The Awakening (05.10.1997) #48-407 Partners In Danger Part 7: The Vampire Queen (05.17.1997) #49-408 Partners In Danger Part 8: The Return of the Green Goblin (07.12.1997) #50-409 Partners In Danger Part 9: The Haunting of Mary Jane (07.19.1997) #51-410 Partners In Danger Part 10: Lizard King (07.26.1997) #52-411 Partners In Danger Part 11: The Prowler (08.02.1997) 4th Season (1997-1998) #53-501 The Wedding (09.12.1997) #54-502 Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 1: Six Forgotten Warriors (09.19.1997) #55-503 Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 2: Unclaimed Legacy (09.26.1997) #56-504 Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 3: Secrets of the Six (10.03.1997) #57-505 Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again (10.10.1997) #58-506 Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 5: The Price of Heroism (10.17.1997) #59-507 The Return of Hydro-Man Part 1 (10.24.1997) #60-508 The Return of Hydro-Man Part 2 (10.31.1997) #61-509 Secret Wars Chapter 1: Arrival (11.07.1997) #62-510 Secret Wars Chapter 2: The Gauntlet of the Red Skull (11.14.1997) #63-511 Secret Wars Chapter 3: Doom (11.21.1997) #64-512 Spider Wars Chapter 1: I Really, Really Hate Clones (01.31.1998) #65-513 Spider Wars Chapter 2: Farewell, Spider-Man (01.31.1998) VOICE ACTORS see if you notice any famous names doing voices for this version of Spider-Man! Philip Abbott as Nick Fury (season 1) and Wardell Stromm Giselle Loren Achegar as Maragret Conners Eddie Albert as Vulture Edward Laurence Albert as Daredevil/Matt Murdock Jack Angel as Nick Fury (season 4) Dimitrra Arlys as Anastasia Hardy Edward Asner as J. Jonah Jameson William "Pop" Attmore II as Rocket Racer/Robert Farrell James Avery as War Machine/Jim Rhodes Robert Axelrod as Micro Hank Azaria as Venom/Eddie Brock Leigh Baker Bailey as Alisia Silver(mane) Saratoga Ballaintine as Mary Jane Watson Christopher Daniel Barnes as Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Scarlet Spider Michael Des Barres as Jason Weele Susan Beaubian as Dr. Mariah Crawford/Calypso John Beck as Punisher Mary Kay Bergan as Gwen Stacy Bob Bergen as Ned Leeds Gregg Berger as Kraven and Mysterio Sandra Bernhard as Sarah Baker Nicky Blair as Hammerhead Earl Boen as the Beyonder and Red Skull Roscoe Lee Brown as Kingpin George Buza as Beast Joe Campanella as Dr. Curt Conners Nell Carter as Glory Grant Maxwell Caulfield as Alistair Smythe Cam Clarke as Mr. Fantastic Scott Cleverdon as Carnage/Cletus Kasady Jeff Corey as Silvermane Alyson Court as Jubilee Jim Cummings as the Shocker and Man-Spider Rachel Davies as Agent #1 Wanda De Jesus as Dr. Silvia Lopez Catherine Disher as Jean Grey Cal Dodd as Wolverine Roy Dotrice as Destroyer/Keene Marlowe Walter Edmiston as Whizzer and Bob Frank Quinton Flynn as the Human Torch Mira Furlan as Silver Sable Kathy Garver as Gila and Miss America Linda Gary as Aunt May (1994-1996, died in 1996) Liz Georges as Debra Whitman Edmund Gilbert as Dormammu Caroline Goddall as Vanessa Fisk Barbara Goodson as Dr. Ashley Kafka Jennifer Hale as Felicia Hardy T.D. Hall as Blade Mark Hamill as Hobgoblin/Jason Philip Macendale Dorian Harewood as Tombstone/Lonnie Jonathan Harris as Miles Warren Robert Hays as Iron Man David Hayter as Captain America Telma Hopkins as Mrs. Farrell Micheal Horton as John Jameson Gary Imhoff as Harry Osborn Nick James as Morbius Nick Jameson as Richard Fisk Tony Jay as Mordo Alan Johnson as young Vulture/Arthur Avis Thomas Kane as Dr. Doom Brian Keith as Uncle Ben Patrick Labyorteaux as Flash Thompson Martin Landau as the Scorpion (season 1) John Phillip Law as The Cat/John Hardesky Joan B. Lee (Stan Lee's wife) as Madame Web Stan Lee as himself Dawnn Lewis as Detective Terri Lee Lawrence A. Mandley as Iceberg Gail Matthius as Invisible Woman Rue McClanahan as Mrs. Hardy Malcolm McDowell as Whistler Amy Mill as Susan Choi Iona Morris as Martha Robertson and Storm (episodes #62-63) Oliver Muirhead as the Spot/Dr. Jonathan Ohn Edward Mulhare as Spencer Smythe Laurie O'Brien as Genevieve Rob Paulsen as Hydro-Man Pat Pinney as the Thing Chris Potter as Gambit Phil Proctor as Electro/Rhindolt Kragov Alfonso Ribeiro as Randy Robertson Neil Ross as Green Goblin/Norman Osborn Hansford Rowe as Thunderer Marla Jeanette Rubinoff as Liz Allen Michael Rye as Dr. Farley Stillwell Tim Russ as the Prowler/Hobie Brown Rodney Saulsberry as Robbie Robertson Alison Sealy Smith as Storm (episodes #17-18) Cedric Smith as Professor X Norm Spencer as Cyclops Warren Sroka as young Peter Parker Don Stark as the Rhino George Takei as Wong John Vernon as Doctor Strange David Warner as Landon Paul Winfield as the Black Marvel/Omar Mosley Lenore Zann as Rogue Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Doctor Octopus
SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED original airdates: Oct 2, 1999-Oct 16, 1999 on FOX later airdates: Dec 2, 2000-Mar 2001 on FOX, May 25-27 and July-Aug 31, 2002 on ABC Family episodes: 13 animated by: Saban distributed and owned by: Buena Vista Entertainment/Disney EPISODE GUIDE #01 Worlds Apart, Part 1 (10.02.1999) #02 Worlds Apart, Part 2 (10.09.1999) #03 Where Evil Nests (10.16.1999) #04 Deadly Choices (12.23.2000) #05 Steel Cold Heart (01.13.2001) #06 Enter The Hunter! (02.03.2001) #07 Cry Vulture (02.10.2001) #08 I'll Met By Moonlight (02.17.2001) #09 Sustenance (02.24.2001) #10 Family Matters (03.03.2001) #11 One Is The Loneliest Number (03.10.2001) #12 The Sins Of Our Fathers (03.17.2001) #13 Destiny Unleashed (03.24.2001) VOICE ACTORS Rino Romano as Spider-Man Jennifer Hale as Mary Jane Watson Richard Newman as J. Jonah Jameson Brian Drummond as Venom Michael Donovan as Carnage all series listed above are distributed and owned by: Buena Vista Entertainment/Disney and Marvel Enterprises
SPIDER-MAN (CGI 2003 series) original airdates: July 11, 2003-Sept 12, 2003 on MTV episodes: 13 animated by: Mainframe distributed and owned by: Sony and Marvel EPISODE GUIDE #01 The Party (07.11.2003) #02 Keeping Secrets (07.18.2003) #03 Spider-Man Dis-Abled (08.08.2003) #04 Tight Squeeze (07.25.2003) #05 Royal Scam (08.15.2003) #06 Heroes and Villians (08.22.2003) #07 Head Over Heels (07.25.2003) #08 Law of the Jungle (07.18.2003) #09 Flash Memory (08.29.2003) #10 When Sparks Fly (08.01.2003) #11 Sword of Shikata (07.11.2003) #12 Mind Games Part 1 (09.05.2003) #13 Mind Games Part 2 (09.12.2003) VOICE ACTORS Neil Patrick Harris as Spider-Man/Peter Parker Lisa Loeb as Mary Jane Watson Ian Zerring as Harry Osborn
THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN original airdates: Mar 8, 2008-Mar 2009 on the CW, Mar 2009-present on Disney XD (formerly Toon Disney) episodes: 26 animated by: Culver Entertainment owned by: Sony Pictures Television EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (Mar-Jun 2008) #01 Survival of the Fittest (03.08.2008) #02 Interactions (03.08.2008) #03 Natural Selection (03.15.2008) #04 Market Forces (03.22.2008) #05 Competition (03.29.2008) #06 The Invisible Hand (04.12.2008) #07 Catalysts (04.26.2008) #08 Reaction (05.03.2008) #09 The Uncertainty Principle (05.10.2008) #10 Persona (05.17.2008) #11 Group Therapy (05.31.2008) #12 Intervention (06.07.2008) #13 Nature vVs. Nurture (06.14.2008) 2nd Season (Mar 2009) coming soon! MOVIES Spider-Man (May 3, 2002 Columbia/Sony) Spider-Man 2 (June 30, 2004 Columbia/Sony)
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