Spider-Woman entry date: Feb 5, 2005 SPIDER-WOMAN original airdates: Sept 22, 1979-Mar 1, 1980 on ABC episodes: 16 animated by: DePatie-Freleng Enterprises distributed and owned by: Buena Vista Entertainment and Marvel Entertainent EPISODE GUIDE #01 Pyramids of Terror #02 Realm of Darkness #03 The Amazon Adventure #04 The Ghost Vikings #05 The Kingpin Strikes Again #06 The Lost Continent #07 The Kongo Spider #08 Games of Doom #09 Shuttle To Disaster #10 Dracula's Revenge #11 The Spider-Woman and the Fly #12 Invasion of the Black Hole #13 The Great Magini #14 A Crime In Time #15 Return of the Spider-Queen #16 A Deadly Dream VOICE ACTORS Joan Van Ark as Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew Bruce Miller as Jeff Hunt Bryan Scott as Billy Drew
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