Starcom: The U.S. Space Force entry date: Oct 5, 2005
STARCOM: THE U.S. SPACE FORCE original airdates: Sept 20, 1987-Sept 1988 in syndication later airdates: 1989-1991 on the Family Channel, early 1990s in syndication episodes: 13 animated by: K.K. DiC distributed and owned by: DiC Entertainment and Coleco Toys (now Hasbro) EPISODE GUIDE #01 Nantucket Sleighride (09.20.1987) #02 Trojan Crowbar (09.27.1987) #03 The Long Fall (10.04.1987) #04 Caverns of Mars (10.11.1987) #05 Fire and Ice (10.18.1987) #06 Galactic Heartbeat (10.25.1987) #07 The Boys Who Cried Dark (11.01.1987) #08 Dark Harvest (11.08.1987) #09 A Few Bugs In the System (11.15.1987) #10 Turnabout (11.22.1987) #11 Hot Enough For You? (11.29.1987) #12 Flash Moskowitz, Space Cadet (12.06.1987) #13 The Last Star Ranger (12.13.1987) VOICE ACTORS Philip Akin as Slim Robert Cait as Crowbar and Torvak Rob Cowan as Dash Louis DiBianco as Romak Don Francks as Colonel Brinkley Marvin Goldhar as Vondar Dan Hennessey as Klag Elva May Hoover as Malvanna Neil Munro as Emperor Dark Susan Roman as Kelsey
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