SWAT Kats entry date: Apr 6, 2006 SWAT Kats original airdates: Sept 11, 1993-Jan 1995 on TBS later airdates: 1995-2000 on Cartoon Network, -present on Boomerang episodes: 24 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed by: Warner Bros./Turner Entertainment EPISODE GUIDE (in production number) 1st Season (1993-1994) #01-93001 The Giant Bacteria (09.18.1993) #02-93002 The Metallikats (10.09.1993) #03-93003 The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice (09.11.1993) #04-93004 Destructive Nature (10.02.1993) #05-93005 The Wrath of Dark Kat (09.25.1993) #06-93006 Bride of the Pastmaster (10.16.1993) #07-93007 Night of the Dark Kat (10.23.1993) #08-93008 The Ghost Pilot (11.06.1993) #09-93009 Chaos In Crystal (10.30.1993) #10-93010 Metal Urgency (11.13.1993) #11-93011 The Ci-Kat-A (11.20.1993) #12-93012 Enter the Madkat (11.27.1993) #13-93013 Katastrophe (12.04.1993) 2nd Season (1994-1995) #14-94001 A Bright and Shiny Future (09.17.1994) #15-94002 Mutation City (09.10.1994) #16-94003 When Strikes Mutilor (09.24.1994) #17-94004 Razor’s Edge (10.29.1994) #18-94005 The Deadly Pyramid (11.12.1994) #19-94006 The Dark Side of the Swamp (12.10.1994) #20-94007 Caverns of Horror (11.19.1994) #21-94008 Unlikely Alloys (12.24.1994) #22-94009 Succubus #23-94021 Cry Turmoil/ SWAT Kats Unplugged (11.05.1994) #24-94023 Volcanus Erupts!/ The Origin of Dr. Viper (11.26.1994) VOICE ACTORS Charlie Adler as T-Bone/Chance Furlong and Murray Lori Alan as Lt. Felina Feral Jim Cummings as Mayor Manx and the Sergeant Keene Curtis as the Pastmaster Linda Gary (died in 1996) as Dr. Abby Sinian Barry Gordon as Razor/Jake Clawson George Hearn as Professor Hackle Robert Ito as Mr. Young Loren Leste as Guard Tress MacNeille as Callie Briggs Candi Milo as Ann Gora Gary Owens as Commander Ulysses Feral Rob Paulsen as Hard Drive Brock Peters as Dark Kat Neil Ross as Mac Mange Frank Welker as Dr. Viper April Winchell as Molly Mange
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