Turbo Teen entry date: Apr 2, 2009 TURBO TEEN original airdates: Sept 8, 1984-Aug 31, 1985 on ABC later airdates: clips of show aired on a Cartoon Network commerical in the late 1990s episodes: 13 animated by: Ruby-Spears Enterprises distributed by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment SUMMARY: After a freak lab accident, Bret Matthews was fused with his red sports car. Now whenever Bret gets hot, he turns into a car, and when he gets cold he changes back. EPISODE GUIDE #8401 Turbo Thieves #8402 Dark Rider #8403 Mystery of Fantasy Park #8404 No Show UFO #8405 Micro-Teen #8406 The Sinister Souped-Up Seven #8407 Video Venger #8408 Dark Rider and the Wolves of Doom #8409 The Curse of the Twisted Claw #8410 Daredevil Run #8411 The Amazon Adventure #8412 Fright Friday #8413 The Mystery of Dark Rider VOICE ACTORS T.K. Carter as Alex Pat Fraley as Dr. Chase and Eddie Pamela Hayden as Pattie Michaell Mish as Bret Matthews Frank Welker as Dark Rider, Flip and Rusty
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