Visionaries entry date: Aug 22, 2001 VISIONARIES original airdates: Sept 21, 1987-1988 in syndication episodes: 13 animated by: Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel Productions, Ltd. distributed and owned by: Sunbow Entertainment and Hasbro Toys, Inc. EPISODE GUIDE #01 The Age of Magic Begins (09.21.1987) #02 The Dark Hand of Trechery (09.28.1987) #03 Quest for the Dragon's Eye (10.05.1987) #04 The Price of Freedom (11.09.1987) #05 Feryl Steps Out (10.12.1987) #06 Lion Hunt (10.19.1987) #07 The Overthrow of Merkyln (10.26.1987) #08 The Power of the Wise (11.02.1987) #09 Horn of Unicorn, Claw of Dragon (11.16.1987) #10 Trail of the Three WIzards (11.23.1987) #11 Sorcery Squared (12.07.1987) #12 Honor Among Thieves (11.30.1987) #13 Dawn of the Sun Imps (12.14.1987) VOICES Susan Blu as Galadria Roscoe Lee Browne as Reekon and Merklynn Peter Cullen as Cindarr and Orzon Jim Cummings as Witterquick and the Bearer of Knowledge Jennifer Darling as Virulina Bernard Erhard as Cryotek Jonathan Harris as Mortredd Chris Latta (aka Christopher Collins, died in 1994) as Darkstorm and Cravex Michael McConnohie as Ectar and Lexor Hal Rayle as Arzon and Wisdom Owl Neil Ross as Leoric Malachi Throne as the Narrator Beau Weaver as Feryl
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