Wildfire entry date: May 1, 2003 WILDFIRE original airdates: Sept 13, 1986-Sept 5, 1987 on CBS later airdates: 1995 on Cartoon Network episodes: 13 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment EPISODE GUIDE #01 The Once and Future Queen (09.13.1986) #02 A Visit To Wonderland (09.20.1986) #03 The Ogre's Bride (09.27.1986) #04 Secret of the Sinti Magic (10.04.1986) #05 A Meeting In Time (10.11.1986) #06 The Highway Man (10.18.1986) #07 The Pixie Pirates (10.24.1986) #08 The Name Is the Game (11.01.1986) #09 Strangers In the Night (11.08.1986) #10 Dragons of Dar-Shan (11.15.1986) #11 King For a Day (11.22.1986) #12 Where Dreams Come From (12.06.1986) #13 Wildfire: King of the Horses (12.13.1986) VOICE ACTORS David Ackroyd as King John and Prince Corran Rene Auberjoinois as Alvinar Billy Barty as Dweedle Susan Blu as Brutus Vicky Carroll as Mrs. Ashworth Georgi Irene as Princess Sara Robert Jacoby as Dorin June Lockhart as Vesta Lilly Moon as Ellen John Vernon as Wildfire Jessica Walter as Diabolyn
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