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WISH KID original airdates: Sept 14, 1991-Sept 5, 1992 on NBC later airdates: Sept 5, 1994-Fall 1996 on the Family Channel, Apr 7, 1998-Sept 2, 2002 on Toon Disney episodes: 13 animated by: DiC distributed and owned by: DiC and Macaulay Culkin guide by: BRETTFERN WISH KID SUMMARY: Wish Kid was a Saturday morning animated series created to play off the success of pre-teen movie star Macaulay Culkin. This show opened with Macaulay in a live-action appearance in which he explained the show's premise. Nick McClary (Culkin) owned a magic baseball glove which, if punched three times, granted his every wish he desired. The only catch was that the glove could be used just once per week. Stories revolved around Nick's wishes and the trouble that usually followed. Nick's best friend was Darryl, the only one in on the glove's secrets and usually became involved in the adventures. Nick was frequently harassed by Frankie Dutweiler, the neighborhood bully; other characters included neighbor Mrs. Opal, Nick's Mom and Dad and his baby sister, Katie. In 1994, The Family Channel commissioned 52 all-new episodes of Wish Kid. EPISODE GUIDE #01 Top Gun, Will Travel (09.14.1991) #02 A Matter of Principal (09.21.1991) #03 Haunted House For Sale (09.28.1991) #04 Captain Mayhem (10.05.1991) #05 Glove of Dreams (10.12.1991) #06 Love At First Wish (10.19.1991) #07 Lotto Trouble (10.26.1991) #08 Darryl's Dilemma (11.02.1991) #09 A Nick Off the Old Block (11.09.1991) #10 A Grand Ol' Time (11.16.1991) #11 Gross Encounters (11.23.1991) #12 Mom, Dad...You're Fired! (11.30.1991) #13 The Best of Enemies (12.07.1991) VOICE ACTORS Quinn Culkin as Katie McClary Macaulay Culkin as Nick McClary
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