Wuzzles entry date: Aug 29, 2001 WUZZLES original airdates: Sept 14, 1985-Sept 6, 1986 on CBS and Sept 13, 1986-Sept 5, 1987 on ABC later airdates: 1990-1992 on Disney Channel, Apr 7, 1998-Summer 2002 on Toon Disney episodes: 13 animated by: TMS Entertainment distributed and owned by: Buena Vista Entertainment EPISODE GUIDE #01 Bulls of a Feather #02 Hooray For Hollywuz #03 In the Money #04 Crock Around the Clock #05 Moosel's Monster #06 Klutz On the Clutch #07 Bumblelion and the Terrified Forest #08 Eleroo's Wishday #09 Ghostrustlers #10 A Pest of a Pet #11 The Main Course #12 Class Dismissed #13 What's Up, Stox? VOICE ACTORS Brian Cummings as Bumblelion and Flizzard Stan Freberg as narrator Henry Gibson as Eleroo Kathy Helpie as Butterbear Tress MacNeille as Mrs. Pedigree Alan Oppenheimer as Crock, Mr. Pack-cat and Rhinokey Bill Scott as Brat, Moosel and Tycoon Joanne Worley as Hopopotamus
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