Dastardly and Muttley In Their Flying Machines entry date: June 28, 2009 DASTARDLY AND MUTTLEY IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES original airdates: Sept 13, 1969-Sept 4, 1971 on CBS later airdates: 1996 on Cartoon Network, Aug 19, 2000-present on Boomerang episodes: 17 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment note: Spin-off of the Wacky Races. Dastardly and Muttley later appeared in 1985's Yogi's Treasure Hunt.
EPISODE GUIDE #6901 Fur Out Furlough / Muttley On the Bounty / Sappy Birthday #6902 Follow That Feather / What's New Old Bean? / Operation Anvil #6903 Sky Hi-Q / The Marvelous Muttdini / A Plain Shortage of Planes #6904 Barnstormers / The Bad Actor / Shape Up Or Ship Out #6905 Stop That Pigeon / The Big Topper / Zilly’s a Dilly #6906 The Cuckoo Patrol / The Masked Muttley / Pest Pilots #6907 The Swiss Yelps / Eagle-Beagle / Movie Stuntman #6908 Fly By Knights / There’s No Fool Like a Re-Fuel / Coonskin Caper #6909 Movies Are Badder Than Ever / Home Sweet Homing Pigeon / The Aguanauts #6910 Lens a Hand / Vacation Trip Trap / Leonardo De Muttley #6911 Stop Which Pigeon? / Ceiling Zero Zero / Start Your Engines #6912 Who’s Who / Operation Birdbrain / Ship Ahooey #6913 Medal Muddle / Go South Young Pigeon / Admiral Bird Dog #6914 Too Many Kooks / Ice See You / Professor Muttley #6915 Balmy Swami / Camouflage Hop-Aroo / Wild Mutt Muttley #6916 Have Plane Will Travel / Windy Windmill / Astromutt #6917 Plane Talk / Happy Bird Day / Super Muttley VOICE ACTORS Don Messick as Klunk, Muttley and Zilly Paul Winchell as Dick Dastardly and the General
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Dastardly and Muttley In Their Flying Machines
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