Wacky Races entry date: June 28, 2009 WACKY RACES original airdates: Sept 14, 1968-Sept 5, 1970 on CBS later airdates: 1992-2000 on Cartoon Network, Apr 5, 2000-present on Boomerang episodes: 17 animated by: Hanna-Barbera distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment note: Spin-off series include The Perils of Penelope Pitstop and Dastardly and Muttley In Their Flying Machines
EPISODE GUIDE #6801 See Saw to Arkansas & Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist #6802 Why Oh Why Wyoming & Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock #6803 Idaho a Go Go & Mish Mash Missouri Dash #6804 The Baja-Ha-Ha Race & Real Gone Ape #6805 Scout Scatter & Free Wheeling to Wheeling #6806 By Rollercoaster to Upsan Downs & The Speedy Arkansas Traveler #6807 The Zippy Mississippi Race & Traffic Jambalya #6808 Hot Race to Chillicothe & The Wrong Lumber Race #6809 Rhode Island Road Race & The Great Gold Rush Race #6810 Wacky Race to Ripsaw & Oils Well That Ends Well #6811 Whizzin’ to Washington/The Dipsy Doodle Desert Derby #6812 Eeny, Miny Missouri Go! & The Super Silly Swamp Sprint #6813 The Dopey Dakota Derby & Dash to Delaware #6814 Speeding For Smogland & Race Rally to Raleigh #6815 Ballpoint Penn. or Bust! & Fast Rack to Hackensack #6816 The Ski Resort Road Race & Overseas Hi-Way Race #6817 Race to Racine & The Carlsbad Or Bust Bash VOICE ACTORS Mel Blanc as the Ant Hill Mob Daws Butler as Big Gruesome, Peter Perfect, Red Max, Rock Slag and Rufus Ruffcut Don Messick as Dum Dum, Gravel Slag, Little Gruesome, Muttley, Pockets, Professor Pat Pending, Ring-A-Ding, Snoozy and Zippy John Stephenson as Blubber Bear, General and Luke Bear Janet Waldo as Penelope Pitstop Dave Willock as narrator Paul Winchell as Clyde and Dick Dastardly
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