Iron Man entry date: Feb 3, 2003 Note: Iron Man also aired on the 1966-67 show MARVEL SUPER-HEROES IRON MAN original airdates: Sept 24, 1994-Sept 1996 in syndication (as part of the Marvel Action Hour with the Fantastic Four) later airdates: 1997-1998 in syndication (as part of the 30 minute Marvel Super-Heroes rotating with episodes of the Fantastic Four), 1998-1999 on UPN (as part of the hour long The Incredible Hulk and Friends, where Iron Man rotated with the Fantastic Four in the second part of the show) episodes: 26 animated by: Marvel Films distributed and owned by: Buena Vista Entertainment and Marvel Enterprises EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1994-1995) #01 And the Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead (09.24.1994) #02 Rejoice! I Am Ultimo Thy Deliverer (10.01.1994) #03 Data In, Chaos Out (10.08.1994) #04 Silence My Companion, My Death Destination (10.15.1994) #05 The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat (10.22.1994) #06 Enemy Within, Enemy Without (10.29.1994) #07 Origin of the Mandarin (11.05.1994) #08 Defection of Hawkeye (11.12.1994) #09 Iron Man To the Second Power Part 1 (11.19.1994) #10 Iron Man To the Second Power Part 2 (11.26.1994) #11 Origin of Iron Man Part 1 (12.03.1994) #12 Origin of Iron Man Part 2 (12.10.1994) #13 The Wedding of Iron Man (12.17.1994) 2nd Season (1995-1996) #14 The Beast Within (09.23.1995) #15 Fire and Rain (09.30.1995) #16 Cell of Iron (10.07.1995) #17 Not Far From the Tree (10.14.1995) #18 Beauty Knows No Pain (10.21.1995) #19 Iron Man, On the Inside (11.04.1995) #20 Distant Boundries (11.11.1995) #21 The Armor Wars Part 1 (11.18.1995) #22 The Armor Wars Part 2 (11.25.1995) #23 Empowered (02.03.1996) #24 Hulk Buster (02.10.1996) #25 Hands of the Mandarin Part 1 (02.17.1996) #26 Hands of the Mandarin Part 2 (02.24.1996) VOICE ACTORS James Avery as War Machine/James "Rhodey" Rhodes (1st season) Jim Cummings as Modok and Century (2nd season various episodes) Jennifer Darling as Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (2nd season) Casey Defranco as Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter (1st season) Neil Dickson as Dreadknight Ed Gilbert (died in 1999) as the Mandarin (1st season) Jennifer Hale as Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter (2nd season) Mark Hamill as Maximus and Triton Dorian Harewood as War Machine/James "Rhodey" Rhodes (2nd season) Robert Hayes as Iron Man/Tony Stark Linda Huldahl as Hypnotia (2nd season) Tony Ito as the Mandarin (2nd season) Tom Kane as Century (2nd season) and H.O.M.E.R. Gerald Maguire as the Titanium Man Chuck McCann as Blizzard Neal McDonough as Firebrand Katherine Moffat as Scarlet Witch (1st season) Ron Perlman as the Hulk/Bruce Banner John Reilly as Hawkeye/Clint Barton Stu Rosen as the Crimson Dynamo Neil Ross as Fin Fang Foom Tony Steedman as Justin Hammer (1st season) Scott Valentine as Dark Aegis James Warwick as Century (1st season) Lisa Zane as Madame Masque Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Justin Hammer (2nd season)
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Iron Man
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