Robotix entry date: Dec 12, 2005 ROBOTIX original airdates: Oct 6, 1985-Oct 1986 in syndication episodes: 15 animated by: Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel Productions, Ltd. distributed and owned by: Sunbow Entertainment and Hasbro Toys, Inc. note: aired in the Super Sunday/Super Saturday block with Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines, Inhumanoids and Jem (1st season). Robotix is currently not airing on US television EPISODE GUIDE (each short is six minutes and aired weekly on the Super Sunday show) #01 Battle of the Titans #02 Paradise Lost #03 Traitor In Our Midst #04 A Spy is Born #05 Crash Landing #06 Firestorm At the Oasis #07 Captured #08 The Lost Cities #09 Bront Stands Accused #10 The Factory of Death #11 Zarru Takes the Plunge #12 Attack of the Rock Creatures #13 All For One #14 Battle for Zandon #15 The Final Attack VOICE ACTORS Michael Bell as Lupis and Traxis Corey Burton as Goon, Kannock and Tauron Arthur Burghardt as Argus, Boltar and Steth Peter Cullen as Nemesis and Sphero Pat Fraley as Exeter Galaxon Jason Naylor as Zarru Neil Ross as Flexor, Gaxon, Jerrock, Nommo, Steggor Susan Silo as Compucore and Narra Frank Welker as Bront, Tyrannix and Venturak
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